Went Off Depo

im 49 iwas on depo for 9 years on and off i stopped the shot in 2009 in nov 2009 i started bleeding it lasted until feb of 2010 3 months of heavy bleeding, since then my periods have stopped have not had a period in 2 years and 9 months until 2 weeks ago i started bleeding after sex it lasted 11 days kinda lightto medium bleeding my ex also gave me herpies after i married him at the same time i had a abnormal pap precancer cells had it froze and was fine that was 13 years ago i went to a obgyn on the 29th of august i had a pap and a biopsy he said it might be possible depo stopped my periods for almost 3 years, he does not know if im in menopause so he did blood test as well, so he told me to call back next week to get results i did and he is outta office till monday i had to wait a whole week then this whole weekend i am worried outta my mind nurse said she could not tell methe results i told he i was worried outta my mind she told me she did not think i had anything to worry about that she did not see any red flags and if she did she would consult another doctor i have severe anxiety and major depression so i dont know how not to worry the doctor also told me last week not to lose any sleep over it, pleas help me im scared its cancer please tell me if you all have experienced this thanks lisa
lisameek lisameek
Sep 6, 2012