My First and Only Depo Shot.

I am 16 years old and I got my first Depo Provera shot on around August 12-14 of this year; my doctor said there would be weight gain but other than that this shot was best for me. However, ever since the first week I have had non-stop problems and pain. It first started with server back (could be related to me getting the shot there) I could not move and it was bruised, then it moved on to abdominal pains and terrible cramps, from there I bleed for six weeks straight. Some days it was light other days it was extremely heavy. It varied from being bright red to a very dark brown. I also had thick mucus that was sometimes clear, brown, or clear with red in it. Now two months in I feel very nausea all day long, when I eat it gets worse and I just want to throw up and get it over with. My stomach has been getting firm, I have extreme pain in my lower abdomen, and I have burning sensations throughout the day (I have been having unprotected sex, but I have read that pregnancy is not one of my options to these symptoms…). I can honestly say that I will not be getting my second shot that is due in October 2009. I feel very deceived by my doctor who did not warn me of the side effects or long term effects.  I have also decided that I want to conceive a child but now I don’t know if that can happen. Lately, I have been very depressed (not to mention I was extremely depressed before the shot), I cry almost every day and have drastic mood swings.  I would really just like to hear everyone else’s experiences and know how long this shot will actually stay in my body. I would also like to find out my chances of conceiving a child after one Depo Provera shot.

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When I got my first shot, for the first month or two I had SEVERE horrible cramping. I got an ultrasound to make sure everything was good with my reproductive system and all seemed normal. My doctor told me to get the next shot because this was likely just my body getting used to it. I trusted her so I got the next one. I have been on it for about 5 years now and just decided to go off. I'm actually only a week out from what I should have gotten my next shot but already the excruciating cramping is back. I also have anxiety (which I have anyway but it's worse) and moodswings. The cramping is definitely the worst part, though. I just want to lie in bed and cry all day. After the first one the shot worked wonderfully while I was on it, I had gone on due to periods I was having that were 3 weeks long if not more, so I almost constantly had a period. The shot took my period away. I gained weight and got more pimples than normal but I was willing to put up with that to not have to deal with the periods. Now that I'm going off I'm just hoping for this to end, but I know it can takes months and months for the side effects to fully go away. This is terrible but I did enjoy the time I was on it only because of not having to worry about periods. I know this is a really old thread but I found it while searching about the terrible cramping and am adding my experience in for others who find this. Please remember that everyone reacts differently to these things and some people may have NO issues at all, while others will so don't let it scare you away necessarily reading responses like this. But I'm slightly regretting ever going on it just because of this pain right now.

So I got the shot oct 15 an it's nov 12 an three days now iv been having nasty headaches stomached aches burning back pain an iv had tons of weight gain an iv been emotional an all the I above... But it's normal if your have the ****?? Because iv been worried that I'm possibly pregnant with these symptoms. I haven't had sex since iv been in the shot but I'm stressing over it but so all these symptoms are normal...?

I got my first shot and is suppose to get my next one next week & I will NOT be getting it !!! I bled the whole 3months 😭😭

I was the same as u girl I am bipolar so that makes it worse and I'm in Foster care so it's worse if u every need someone to talk to 7275655260 my names Caty

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Hey girly, I'm on the damn thing I'm on my first shot will be my last feelings sick to my stomach nausea headaches back pain dizziness tired all the time it's bin horrible.. I'll be looking in to the paragard soon I just don't want to how through with this anymore thought the mirena was my answer after the pill but no.. the paragard is hormonal free that's what causes all the discomfort and pain from the shot you get injected with hormones who will just make you feel horrible, I know what it's bin like it's really hell.

This is exactly what I'm going through

Idc if ppl still comment on this or not but im 17 yrs old & gpt the shot a month ago & its the WORST THING EVER. I have NONSTOP sharp pains in my stomach especially lower abdomen & it never goes away its just a constant pain & I feel like complete crap. I get dizzy often & I feel very weak. I can barely move bc of it & im always sad. I cry over any & everything. Also I have trouble sleeping I wake up throughout the night all the time & my body is just oh my gosh its insane the amount of pain I go through. Im always very very tired like EXHAUSTED & I babysit 3days a week & sleepover at their house for those days & im very uncomfortable bc of my symptoms. Ive been on my period for 5 weeks & its light but this is ridiculous. & of course the side effects werent somethin my dr told me. Getting this shot has made me not feel like myself at all & idc if my "body is adjusting" no one should ever have to go thru this. Im not getting the shot again even though my mom wants me to idc idc idc.

I have been on Depo Provera for almost 6 years now. I stopped having periods completely after the first shot and have only experienced spotting once in 6 years. I never gain weight with this drug, I have never experienced mood swings, or any ill side effects. As far as bone loss, I am extremely active and constantly using my hands; this is said to make the effects less severe. The only side effect I have had is a decreased sex drive, which is okay, I mostly take it to not have a period since I have a condition that puts me at risk of TSS.That being said, I know many who have not had the experience I have had. It can cause terrible side effects including excessive bleeding.As far as child birth, I know two people personally who have conceived healthy children after quitting the shot, one who became pregnant two months after quitting.My doctor told me this years after being on it when I questioningly asked her about the side effects: She said that in her years of giving it she has noticed two things, a. adults under 130 pounds tend to have dramatically less severe side effects and b. those who do have side effects experience them immediately after the first injection.One other thing she told me: Sometimes health care providers are not properly trained on how to administer the injection for birth control versus controlling endometriosis. She said that especially when the hip is used as the sight of injection, it is extremely easy to accidentally dose someone for the mentioned medical condition instead of simply controlling pregnancy. Many times I have even had nurses double check to make sure that I needed it as birth control. She said many people are accidentally dosed the wrong way and can certainly suffer from it. [EDIT: Note that the 130 lbs limit stated has nothing to do with whether or not a person was healthy, underweight, or overweight. Meaning it happened in shorter girls who were overweight AND taller girls at a perfectly healthy weight over 130 lbs.]

Okay i am not sure if people are still commenting on this or not but here goes nothing.i am 23. I have been taking birth control pills for four or five years before i got the depo shot. I was bleeding for three weeks off one week just to start again when i was on the pill. Had my pill switched ten times in the last three years. so the doctor i have now decided it would be better if i tried the shot. BAD IDEA! I had all the symptoms in the beginning. the sickness, headaches, cramping and bleeding. Only the bleeding hasnt stopped. And the nausea and headaches have some back so bad i have to be on a nausea pill to eat.

I took this shot back in May of 2012 and i had 3 shots total. While on the depo shot i had so many side effects from it. I had nausea, hot flashes, night sweats, constipation, bloating, fast heart beats, no period, not able to sleep, my appetite would come and go, anxious, heart flutters, chest pains, and i worried a lot. I thought i had cancer or something because of all these side effects.

I have been off the depo shot for 2 months and my nausea has gotten horrible, mild cramps, oily, oily face, pimples on my face that hurt, heart flutters, no concentration, mood swings, my anxiety is still there, but not as bad, sweating a lot, food cravings, no period, and a weird discharge.

I just wanted to list my side effects for the next lady. I also want to say that the depo shot is horrible birth control. God Bless.

I first went on depo in the beginning of November. When i first went on, i got really sick until the time i came off of it (beginning of may). through my entire time being on it, i experienced, allot of pain in my tummy and had allot of discharge. I started to get pregnant like symptoms so me and my boyfriend went and got tests (in total like 7) but they all came back negative. instead of gaining weight, i started to lose weight, about 15 pounds in a few months, and a loss of sex drive with drastic mood swings also (sorry boyfriend). Now that i'm off of it, i have brownish discharge, migraines, headaches, pains in the stomach, and even worse mood swings (again sorry boyfriend). i wish i never took depo it was the worse experience in my life and even now when i'm off i'm still having symptoms...


weight LOSS (weird??))
pain in tummy
back pain
loss of sex drive
Severe Migraine
Severe headaches
major mood swings
tired all the time
pregnant like symptoms even when i took sooo many tests and not pregnant


Migraines (not as bad but still get them)
Headaches (again not as bad but still there all the time)
Mood swings
Weird discharge
tummy pains
pregnancy symptoms after depo

When i got off of it, i also experienced something that felt like a kick in my tummy. Research that my boyfriend did said that many people experienced this but its still really scary for the both of us, anybody else experience this? Research also said that this could be muscle spasms or gas in my stomach....I've also read that when you get of of depo that your body starts to have symptoms of having a miscarriage. I've taken many tests and i'm 90% sure i'm not pregnant but i don't know what to think....depo is hell, i wish i never went on it

P.S. my doctor also never told me about depo and told me it was a good choice too....she never told me about the side effects including bone loss, which i already have bad problems with.

16 and wanting to have a baby? *facepalm*

I am 16 and not having sex and I still haven't got a period ...I'm later after having the depo and I am not sure why.......could this just be a side affect or am I just not going to get my period at alll, again I just got it this february and I didn't get it this month or is it just not regulated yet?

Depo is a birth control that is essentially supposed to stop youre period. Youll most likely only get it once every 3 months, youll have to have youre period when you get your next scheduled shot. No period is normal

I have taken the depo shot since about 2000, I have had no complications at all. I have had to get a bone density scan (normal for a 32 yr old) and had cervical cancer prior but not reoccured, no tenderness no problems. I have heard alot of negative side effects but I personally havent had a problem. and as noted in the comment above yes it is 9-12 months to become full circle fertile again after getting off depo, but really isnt 9-12 months a good time to think if it is the right thing for you to do.

The doctors are legally aloud to give you the most important and common effect.<br />
Don't feel deceived, i understand what you mean but it can be worse, some people die from having the pill, i am getting depo soon and every person i know and thats alot says its the best, it could be your body personally or maybe it is the drug. <br />
I hope you get better and all is well.

Hey, did you ever get better? Did you ever get medical treatment? I will say a prayer for you.

considering you have only had one shot 90% you WILL be able to get pregnant. You are young. Most women, no matter how many years you have been on depo will be able to conceive again within 9-12 months. Please STOP having unprotected sex, even if you have been with the same guy for a long time, you are too young to have a child and unprotected sex is a terrible idea. I have been with the same person for 3 years, we were engaged, I was on depo and we never had unprotected sex. <br />
<br />
Most improtantly GET OFF DEPO. I know you said you arn't getting the shot again and I commend you for that. I thought it was the best thing, after heavy bleeding constantly for the first few months I stopped bleeding and I loved it. 40$ every few months for a birth control that made me lose weght and stop bleeding, what could be better? Too bad the fact that I am thousands of dollars in medical debt and can't have a job to pay it back because I'm in too much pain doesn't help. Ive had depression and insamnia for as long as I can remember and I am the same way, a lot worse from the shot. My back is ruined, I walk like a 70 yr old person. I used to ride horses, swim, dance. Now I can't even play with my dog on the floor. I have to take pills just to get thru the day and it's not ******* worth it. <br />
<br />
Please tell as many of your friends that you can to not get the shot ever! It will ruin their lives. The doctors look at you like you are crazy when they are pushing on your back and you are crying trying to tell them you just want to be a teenager again, you arn't trying to lie to them so you can get pills but nothing shows up on the mri and they just won't believe you. I know that feeling of being betrayed, like why didn't anyone tell you? <br />
<br />
Because the drug company is covering it up as much as they can. It's just not fair, it's so frustrating its horrible. Just know there are others. You are not alone. <br />
<br />
Anyone that wants to help me raise awareness I welcome you. Message me or comment. I want to let as many people know about the EXTREME dangers of this drug as I can.

Hi, my 15 year daughter took this same shot back in July. She would get severe abdominal cramping. She said it felt like stabbing pains. I eventually rushed her to the hospital. This wonderful doctor admitted her right away. He said it was PIF (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) which more than likely was from that shot. She might need her ovary removed. That in not something doctors like to do with girls her age. This doctor prescribed her two weeks of some anti-biotic that they administered into her via an IV. The doctor said that the only way to stop an infection in that part on the female body was via an IV. That way it goes straight into the blood system. They administered this anti-biotic in two days! Look, my daughter is not getting another shot obviously, but I am deathly worried for her when it starts to wear off. Her next shot was scheduled for October 15th. That is not happening though. Please if you haven't told your mom, do so. This could be a life and death situation. I am not trying to scare you, just want you healthy. Please keep me updated about your condition, and I will do the same with my child. Thanks so much, for sharing your story! God Bless You!

i took one it came back negative, so i am going to get a blood test. because something is just not right. i also took the test in the afternoon after i had drank A LOT.

I would seriously take a test , lol they told my best friend should couldnt get prego...but that was proved wrong 3 month ago when she gave birth to the cutest little boy