I Was Helpless And Depressed, Because Of The Government.

Before I was accepted on university, I was actually living on disability!  
I disliked the fact, that I was useless and was a outcast :( 
Like I was only a number in some statics over the last few years over 
Jobless in the my country.
I was about to give up and maybe commit suicide 
And say good bye for the last time to the world. 
But I did not give up and there I am! 
Here with reborn energy and hope! 
So world get ready! 
Here I come :) 

I´m a bachelor student! 
Thank God for this miracle!

I would like to courage everyone to not give up
On dreams and hopes
Because I did not!
Not because, I´m a bachelor student,
But I believed in myself and what I
Was capable of doing and create for my future.  

Please do not give up, because there is a future out there for you! 
Because I have found it, so will you! 

Take care, friend! 
And be strong in faith! 
FaroesePearl FaroesePearl
31-35, F
Nov 20, 2011