Disabilty Support Pension- Australia

It totally is inadequate at less than minimum wage a week. I can't get a job and I am struggling.

Please tell me other countries are better at helping people in wheelchairs help themselves.

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Things in Canada are not very good financially. Disability benefits pay a single person about $750 a month but you're looking at a minimum of $500 a month for rent (if you're lucky) so it's very difficult to make ends meet. Health care/ supports, prescriptions and some dental costs are covered and the streets, the transportation system and most public buildings are accessible. <br />
It's a pretty decent place to live as long as you have another source of income and are not fully dependent on disability benefits.

i work with people with disabilities not only physical but mental and the state(NY) does an EXCELLENT job of providing for them and those that care for them.:o)

I hope you find the help you need. I don't know how people make it these days. I wish you the best!

Blightys not bad Trw ..... chin up <br />
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Getting an accessible cab in NY was nigh on impossible as there are no direct access hot lines, but apart from that it was great!

New York has the best benefits for disabled.<br />
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New York is the cornerstone for disability rights. Since the disbanding of Willowbrook in 1973 - New York has been the leader in A.D.A and other areas including the blind.<br />
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I think the standard S.D.I starts around $650 a month. Depending on the needs of the individual. Plus there is medical and of course food stamps.

You're welcome...good luck...sounds like you are very talented and determind....you will find a way to get what you want...SS

I'm figuring that with better public access and discrimination law enforcement, Los Angeles, NY or Orlando's looking good. I'd love to do a college course and progress to entertainment business management and also grow my publishing business.<br />
Thank you for the information. :)

I would say that your experience in Australia is not unique. As the previous poster said, yes, our country has become more aware and has made access a legal requirement across the country, not just in individual states. But cash assistance is not generous. My disabled mother lives on 600.00 a month, and because she received that much cannot receive food stamps....she does have medical coverage, but her options are severly limited. Individual states may allow for additional disability income from the state (a few hundred dollars), but the majority of disability income is a federal program, so most disabled persons are in the same financial condition. Being able to get into a building, imho, is not nearly as important as being able to afford to live in it....wish it were better...SS

They are Sweetie, I can't speak for all the states here in the US but my state has become very aware and and provide easy access to public buildings. There are also apts built just for the handicapped. Social Security for the deabled depends on your prior income, which leaves the ones without work history pretty poor. There's a lot of help but your still counting pennies and go without some things like not being able to own a car.