In Some Ways I Like It and In Some Ways I Dont!

you know, i used to live in south africa, and i now live in scotland!!! i grew up in south africa!!! but when thenow my problem is, that im a loner, which might not sound too bad, but the problem is, when i go on to facebook and so on, its really good to get in contact with so many old friends, i mean, especially for me being a loner, ive always been liked by many people, but the problem is that when i go on to facebook, and i see all my friends from years ago, and they are all grown up, and they all have girlfriends and wives and children and so on, and im sitting here stuck in this life where as i said in one of my other posts "not being able to let anyone in, and share my feelings"!!! i dont know why im like this, i mean as i ask my friends and so on, how things are going, they all have their own famillies and so on, but when they ask me whats going on in my life, what do i tell them!!!am i supposed to tell them that im some sad loner, who has never had a girlfriend cos ive never been able to let anyone in, and ive never been able to express my feelings to anyone!!! it all just depresses me at times, and i just dont know how to accept myself!!! i dont want to end up being some loser for the rest of my life!!!!

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(((hugs))) thank you *neurotic2010*

oh... I understand this situation so much! people and their stories of their lives being so great. Don't worry, you're not the only one by far.

thanks for your comments guys!!! its so nice to know that there are people out there who know and understand what i mean in this post!! both of you have helped so much!!! thank you!!!

I never wamted to join facebook for those same reasons. I finally joined last week,got on it added some friends and have'nt got back on it. I think it's the most pretentious thing. I have no interest in it. I made a fake name so I could'nt be people from my past. I hope they are well...but at the same time I don't want would just be weird to me. People come and go out of your life for a reason.... My cousins post every minute of they're life on facebook....I'm really the only person in my family who has no interest. Maybe it's because like you, I don't think my life is that great. I too,can't let people get close to me...and when I do I just end up isolating myself from them. I think it's ridiculous,I know people that have facebook connected to their cell phone....GOD forbid they miss a message or something. I don't get it?? never will. But yeah I'm the same way I get depressed because I know the friends I grew up with have families,good jobs,hapiness,ect. So I try and stay away from those sites. YUP. know where u are coming from definetly.