Concerning Facebook Profiles

I admit it.  I'm a snoop.

I checked out my niece's Facebook page today.  Not only is it fulled with all kinds of vulgarities (these didn't surprise me), I am concerned about the references she makes to drugs and having drugs (oxy and xanax) for distribution.

There have been other instances in the past where I was concerned about things she had put on-line.  I was pretty much told to mind my own business and it caused a real rift between my sister and I.  I used to babysit my niece quite a bit when she was little.  She is now 19-years-old and I feel like we've all failed her by not getting more aggressively involved in helping her out.

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So is mine. It's also blocked from anyone who is not my friend.

I have to agree with the others, if she has stuff publicly on her facebook, she makes it everyone's business. At the same time, it is up to her now to correct her behaviors of her own free will. If she has drug problems, she'll have to find her own way of dealing with it. It would be entirely different if she were still a dependent child, but as an adult on her own she'll have to find her own way. That being said, you are a concerned aunt and you are a good family member. I would just offer her an ear should she need someone to listen to her, free of judgment. The "vulgarity" you speak of is not as shocking or offensive to a younger audience as it is to you, just try to keep it in perspective. I think some people are too TMI on their facebooks, honestly, even for an audience of friends their own age.

Thanks PeeDee

You did your best and that's all you can do. But, do continue to be supportive when the time comes. Take Care :-)

Thanks I've tried to be.