Wrongly Accused

Lets just start by saying, you cant trust anyone..not even your spouse. I am a 34 yr old female. I am only 1 day away from getting this damn house arrest bracelet off my leg. I have spent the last 6 months in the house.
Let me say this..i did nothing wrong exept fall in love with the wrong man, and then marry him. My ex-husband had gotten me in this situation. We had been together for almost 4 yrs and was about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. This man was sweet, kind, caring and had always wanted to be better than he was. Well first i was forced to marry him if i didnt i was gonna get beat again. So then he started cheating on me all the time and felt that he had the right to beat me for any and everything.
I was a hard working woman and was raising a child all by myself. He had caused me to lose my job around this time. Then he wanted to act tough. Any thing that went on in his life i had no knowledge of what he did. He was hardly around. I spent most nights and days alone. Well he decided to start selling drugs while he was at work. One day someone he sold to snitched on him and told the police he had them in our house.
Well let me tell you..i had saved up for the 6 months prior to that to get me and my child away from this man and leave. 2 days prior to this happening i had told him i wanted a divorce and that i was leaving. He beat me and told me i wasnt going anywhere. Well when the police had kicked our door in that night..on my sons 9th birthday..they found the drugs in his work bag. They asked him whos it was and he told them it was mine. OUCH. Well when the police werent around he told me he was gonna make sure that i didnt leave him and if that meant i had to go to jail so he knew where i was then thats why he said that. Well instead of putting me in prison i ended up with 6 months of house arrest. I sat in jail for 2 months prior to coming home. And much to his surprise..when i got out on house arrest..i moved. Moved in with my mother and kids. So the joke was on him too. Now we are divorced and i am happily in love with a real man.
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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate fate. Maybe consider this thought: Marriage is trap.