M Years Of "fun" That Brought Me To My Knees...did My Last Injection Last Night And These Are My Thoughts...

" For all the friends in my life, old and new...this is for you...for the old ones who continue to make same the poor decisions, hep c is REAL, over 86% of people who use inravenous drugs have it...over 60 percent never know they have it...and DON'T DO WHAT I DID AND MAKE A NEEDLE IN MY VEIN MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOVE, FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP, AND HEALTH...
For all the other wonderful people in my life who never put themselves in the risks that I did, this is to help you understand why I have been extra hard to deal with...I mean we all know I'm crazy, but this has been bad...I watched myself having breakdowns and have uncontrolable manic behavior, and that was only a sliver of the whole picture...For those people who want to tell me that because, I am not working 40 hours a week...although I am managing my building, and raising a son ALONE, READ THIS and understand that I have been the strongest I possibly can, have tried so hard to be a good mother, friend, and partner...I've lost my love over this ******* disease...(sidebar back to the iv users I know..)...I lost friends, health, brain function, memory, the ability to cope, the ability to keep food down, or taste things correctly...and my doctor told me, within the next week I should feel 90% better...which is about 2 weeks late and at 3 hearts deeply in pain.

All of you who know me well, and even those who don't, but have shared constant support, love, and strength for me when I didn't have the energy to be the mommy and support I need to always be...If this only gets read by 3 people, and only one person can learn from my experience, then this has done it's purpose...People hear about Hep C and interfuron and this hollywood Pam Anderson glitzy bullshit is what hey see...THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING...I did this alone, poor, sick, and I don't give a damn what anyone thinks of this, but I am so ******* proud of myself for doing this for my baby...and having to the only person I trusted more than anyone in the world leave me, going from my rock and my soul, to nothingness because I COULDN'T BE STRONG ENOUGH AND WORK HARDER AND NOT CRY and not be able to be a support for the man I love, because i was going through a treatment for a disease I chose to get by sticking a needle in my arm makes me feel like the biggest piece of crap in the world...But no matter what, I beat this screwed up disease, I am a great mom, a good friend, and the most loyal, giving person you could ever meet...this past 24 weeks has renewed my faith, made me a stronger, more courageous, kind hearted soul...and for those who still stand by me, proud to be my friend, you are truly amazing people and beautiful spirits...For those closest to my heart who turned their backs on me, I do not blame you, but please understand what my life has been like, and try to take the chance to imagine if it were you, alone, afraid, in the middle of Brainerd F***ING MN...and maybe-just maybe, my prayers and hopes for understanding and acceptance of me by those who have looked the other way without a nod goodbye, will realize that the poison in my body and my brain made me unable to control my words, body, actions, muscles, ANYTHING!

All you wonderful folks who've been there for me, please lean on me no and let me be your strength when you need it...you've been amazing friends to me, and I would not have made it through all of this without you. SO HERE YOU GO...THE SHORT VERSION

What are the most serious side effects of PEGASYS and COPEGUS?

Serious side effects of PEGASYS and COPEGUS are:

Mental health problems (such as depression, thoughts about suicide, suicide attempts and relapse of drug abuse or drug overdose, all of which can lead to death. Other problems include thoughts of homicide or hurting other people, irritability, anxiety, aggressiveness, bipolar disorders, mania, and hallucinations)
Blood problems (like a drop in blood cells leading to increased risk for infections, bleeding and/or heart or circulatory problems). Low levels of red blood cells can cause death in patients taking COPEGUS. Most blood counts may be reduced including white blood cell, red blood cell, platelets, hemoglobin, neutrophil, and lymphocyte counts.
Other blood disorders
Problems with pregnancy
Lung problems (like trouble breathing, pneumonia, inflammation of lung tissue, and high lung blood pressure), sometimes requiring a machine to breathe for you and/or causing death
Eye problems (blurred, loss of vision, and retinal detachment)
Autoimmune problems (sarcoidosis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, and thyroid problems, such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism)
Heart problems (including high or low blood pressure, chest pain, fast heart rate, and heart attacks) which can lead to death
Stomach pain (stomach or corneal ulcers)
Rash with fever or blisters
Weakness, loss of coordination, numbness, and difficulty speaking due to stroke, including patients with no known risk for stroke
Liver problems (rarely, liver function worsens) including an increased chance of liver failure in patients with cirrhosis. Patients with both the hepatitis C virus and HIV have an increased chance of liver failure during PEGASYS treatment. Change in a blood test that measures liver inflammation occurs more often in patients with hepatitis B. If you have a rise in this blood test you may need to be watched more closely with additional blood tests. Severe liver damage can lead to death
Colitis (inflammation of the colon, which can cause abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, and fever) which can lead to death
Inflammation of the pancreas, muscles, and bile ducts which can lead to death
Blood sugar problems such as high or low blood sugar and diabetes
Bacterial, viral, fungal infections (such as in the blood, bones, heart, kidneys and lungs) which can lead to death
What are the most common side effects of PEGASYS and COPEGUS?

The most common side effects of PEGASYS and COPEGUS are:

Flu-like symptoms (including fever, chills, muscle aches, joint pain, headaches, tiredness)
Upset stomach (like nausea, vomiting, taste changes, diarrhea)
Skin problems (like rash, dry or itchy skin, or redness and swelling at injection site)
Hair thinning or loss (temporary)
Mental health problems (such as depression, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and anxiety)
Anorexia or loss of appetite leading to weight loss
Dehydration My mom here for my last shot Did it all for this guy right here
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