They Assume I'm Bipolar..(i Need Advice)

But can't diagnose 'til I hit six months sober.
I have been on medication for two year, or more.. I don't remember..
Recently, I decided to get sober(for the fourth time.)
On day 15 currently.
I have stopped my medication, because I don't want to trade one addiction for another..
If I'm going to stop drugs, why not stop them all?
Buuuut, I can feel myself slipping into another depression.
The cause of it is a mixture of things.

1)I am coming off of methamphetamine and alcohol, after 4 years of off and on again use.
2)I have just moved to a completely new town: new school, house in the middle of the country, etc.
3)I have never been this far from my family for a long period of time, my mom is having a really hard time with it and me being a mama's girl I'm having a hard time with that.
4)This is the longest time I have not had sex in at least 6 months;missing the attention, constant affection, physical contact, etc.
5)Just got out of a relationship, that should have never happened in the first place.

So can someone pleaaaase, I beg you, to get me out of this depression.
I am religious and know God will get me through this, if I let him, but I just need a couple tips on how to cheer myself up...

Thank you for reading.
he8myheart he8myheart
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013