I Think I Probably Take Too Much Medication.

Yeah, I was just put on Abilify in addition to Remeron and Wellbutrin and Depakote and Valium and Restoril and Methadone and Ritalin! I cannot even for a second entertain the possibility of getting pregnant (not that I want to). I started the Abilify yesterday and felt surreal and my antidepressants were upped. I'm NOT depressed though and it's only been one day! Finally, I have some relief.  I was in such mental anguish before yesterday that I was swallowing Valium, Methadone, and Tylenol PMs like crazy. It's all crazy and definitely out-of -hand. One day I know I'm going to have to learn coping skills (I'm already 32) that aren't centered around pills. I look at other people who are afraid of taking meds and can't imagine what it must be like to see the world from that point of view. Well, I'm told counseling is the key to my freedom srom from meds and I've had a go at counseling many times but something always happens like I'll lose my insurance or won't like the therapist but maybe I put some of these obstacles in my way because I'm afraid of facing the things that are at the heart of my suffering. Like I cannot look my troubles in the eye.

merlin8793 merlin8793
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1 Response Apr 8, 2009

that's a whole lot of medication dude. these medications don't really help you, they may make you feel numb to the problems, but they don't solve anything. I would really suggest you very slowly dose off of these medications, your horribly poisoning yourself. I highly highly suggest you take a look at www.naturalnews.com I am certain they have natural alternatives to these pills that are much cheaper and much more effective. Like st. john's wort can be used for depression, it actually makes you feel happy not numb.