Ive Been On Mathadone For A Long Time

almost 10 years now. Sadly I have an addictive personality which led to me to my painkiller addiction, why I take methadone now and why I continue to take. Pills gave me the uphoria of feeling and being perfect. super mom,woman,and friend. I was social unlike when I wasnt on pills the real me is timid,passive agressive,quiet. I dont like being this way, just another reason to love the pills. Oh and the energy, it is great on painkillers while they make alot of people tired, I could do anything. Clean a whole house and have fun doing it, Work my job and enjoy it. And the leasure activities, and sex are the best. So I say who the **** wouldnt love taking pills!!!! just a little legal pill that my doctor supplied. Thats just a glimpse into my addiction. And it did ruin my life. I did do anything in the end to get.

Now I am on methadone. I had no idea of what is was. I was referred, starting taking and WOW like the pills times 5!!!. And im supposed to take this!! how freaking great!! well almost 10 years later I still get the great feeling, not as strong, but still good. And my whoLE point of my story, HOW AM I AFTER 8 YEARS OF PILLS, 10 YEARS OF METHADONE, SUPPOSED TO GET GRAVELY SICK TO KICK THE METHADONE, AND GO BACK TO BEING SOMEONE I DONT WANT TO BE?? even though I really dont want to take it anymore for obvious reasons.
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Just a few minor changes and it could be my story,I also started using meds from my doctor years ago that led to the methadone clinic,my years exceed yours I think ,and now I get mine from MD but I want to put this behind me also .If you would like to share some more on this subject please let me know.Best of wishes and hope for you ..rgetter