I Hate Methadone

I've been on methadone maintenance for over 12 years now and I cannot wait to one day be free of it! Yes it may have saves my life - but at what cost? I am not really living anymore - I am so ready to be free of it but scared to death of the hellish withdrawal - is there any hope? I am withdrawing but at a very slow rate - is it possible to ever be free?
theinvisibleman theinvisibleman
56-60, M
2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

As a recovering heroin addict with 13 years clean may I ask why are you even on Methadone?

I originally got on because I was/am a heroin addict - I haven't used illicit drugs since getting on methadone - I hate being on it but I'm scared to get off if - I feel stuck

I'm in cold turkey now , can't even get my arse to the chemist . I don't know I think I may go up , chase a little buzz .

I dont care aboit a buzz anymore