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3rd Day-daily Ritual To A Healthy And Happy Life.

I have a confession to make.Yesterday i went off track.I spent too much time(12hrs) on EP that i miss my bike riding excercise and meditation.I learned my lession.I have no problem with my change of diet.Instead i have less wind in my stomach and had a good sleep.So far i could wake early and also get use to 2 meal replacements in a day.Today i am going to be back to my time table.At 9am half an hr.from now ,i am going to excercise.Then housework.Prepare lunch.Then meditation.Then lunch.Today i start my program on grooming myself.I am having a body scrub,hydrobath and massage.Then i am having a diamond peel facial.I also put myself on a daily face care which i should have done long ago.So much for today.Be back tomorrow for more.smileyheartyes
unshakable unshakable 61-65, F 1 Response Jun 2, 2010

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I limit my time on EP as I believe good health is dependant on balancing our activities and not spending too long on any one thing. <br />
Re experimenting with your diet - if eliminating rice helps - go for it! I strongly believe we have different needs we are all so unique. You might like to look at The Hay Diet - it works for some people. This is a food combining method developed by a New York physician in the 1920s. Acid/alkaline and neutral foods are separated. Books available through Amazon.<br />
I used to meditate on the chakras when I was practising yoga. This is an Indian method in origin and helps to balance the flow of body energy. Meditating on solar plexus chakra will help you particularly at this time.<br />
I'm glad you are having some massage today.<br />
With regard to breathing - focus on the out-breath which helps us relax- the natural release is a sigh like sinking into a warm bath or relaxing in the sunshine or a comfy chair. <br />
Love and Hugs.