There Is No Truth, Only Your Truth, My Truth.

In this 'system' we live in, we are bound by illusions and beliefs. Without beliefs, no one can live. What comes real to us, or 'truth' as some prefer to name it, is only real if we believe it. Still, there are so many out there who claimed they have awakened and want to 'teach'. What's there to teach? We are ALREADY ASCENDED beings who know everything. We just need to remember our true selves amidst these delusions. Why are some still forcing their 'truths' on us? Isn't this a sign that we are still in an illusion within an illusion, an old paradigm?

To say there is no absolute Truth may be wrong too. Maybe there is, but as long as we are bound to earth, there is no pure and accurate ways to fully understand that Truth. The only way to understand that is to transcend this realm, when we die. And that is no guarantee of knowing everything either! Who are we, what we are, so many possibilities... I know NOTHING.

There is too much bullshit going on in the 'new age' community. I was 'awakening' and my thirst for spiritual knowledge was too great to overcome I had to read and read and mingle with like people to fulfill this thirst. As a young spiritual seeker I was easily convinced and believed in the bullshit they tried to market and glorify.

Gather information with great discernment. Always use the common sense along with intuition. Common sense is so undermined these days.
SapphireSol SapphireSol
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I don't think there is one truth , with all the different kinds of thoughts out there, it couldn't be right for all of us to accept and believe one thing.
But I do believe we came from one thing, and your right this is my truth because I believe it, I think it's great to take in all different kinds of beliefs, to compare different ways of thinking so that you can then choose what's right for you , and since we all have our own purpose it is only fair for us to be able to choose what we want to believe , and then express it so that others can agree or disagree, bad came from good, so that it can be known.

There is ONE Truth and that's "God" BEing Love in It's Purest Form, everything else is scenery for the movie and grist for the mill. But don't take my word for it because you really have to be there.