I Am On My Way Home On A Perfect Summer's Night

I am on my way home on a perfect summer's night.

The day has been long and hectic, the sun hot and blinding.

I notice an unusual void of traffic as I am on my way home, by myself.

The darkness offers sanctuary to my tired eyes.

What else might this perfect summer's night give me, as I make my way home?

I roll the windows down, and the exhilarating breeze caresses my skin.

My body breaths deeply to fill my lungs with the bountiful air. It is invigorating.

The sweet scents of flowers, blossoming trees, and new-mowed grass mix playfully with the musky remnants of a distant forest.

The night has stolen the superficial beauty from miles of pampered, divided corporate landscapes, suburban yards and forest preserves.

The night has blended these aromas, swirling through my open windows, caressing my body and tousling my hair. It is sensuous.

I am on my way home on a perfect summer's night. I am by myself, but not alone.

The night has seduced me, and I Am In Love. 


altonina altonina
41-45, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

This is a great poem or experince u've shared, personally I think ur a great writer when it comes to poems please share more I would like to read more!!