Strange winter, stranger spring.
I found out today that i could let the igloo melt away. No one remembers me. I am a forgotten rebel.
Strange, but I feel sad about it. And what is more strange is that i want to be there again. Perhaps this is what i needed. The cold shoulders of the mass, trying to tell me that i am nothing.
Will this wake up the fighter in me again; the long lost refugee girl who worked hard and got ahead? Whatever happened to that creature? Why did she lose her spirit? Pushy and needy. That was she and that she needs to become again.
She might be on her way.
God, how I missed her.
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5 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Holy ****. That was... beautiful. And totally sounds like me. Wow, thanks for that =)

Sounds like you have mellowed with age

Your not alone we all do

Apathy. Damn the apathy.

Very nice. Would like to hear more.

You friended me, but am unable to send you a message.

Maybe she's just asleep. Waiting to be woken up again