I Am Loving My New Body!

I started Nutrisystem 3 months ago. The first two months I ordered the food and followed the plans perfectly. The last month has been a little harder, because I went off the plan due to the expensiveness of it, and have made a personal modified version, but I'm doing pretty well considering, though it's not coming off as quick. I've lost a total of 26.5 lbs to date! I have discovered many new things that I plan to stick with. I've discovered that eating six times a day is great for natural snackers like me. I have also discovered many new vegetables and fruits that I love, and that incorporating these veggies and fruits into my meals, makes the portions feel much bigger! The water is a key element to feeling full as well.

Nutrisystem has helped changed the way I view myself. I linger in the mirror sometimes when once I couldn't look at my reflection. I've even been caught by a stranger in the gym who said "you look great, already" with a "tone" and I had to explain that it wasn't my being vain. I told her of my battle with food over the last 15 years and that it was more of a "wow, I can't believe this is me" attitude. I feel confident and I've fallen in love with who I am and what I can accomplish again.

I'm 37, have had a battle with bulimia and grew up in a family where the females were competitive and obsessed with weight loss. I've survived and grown from it, and have learned how to eat properly and sensibly. And now that girl who was an average 12, just fit into a size 6 pant.

Thanks Nutrisystem.


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3 Responses May 20, 2012

Bulimia is absolutely nothing anyone should ever experience. I've had it for 7 years and my therapist declared me in remission last week. :) keep on fighting the good fight!

Nutrisystem is amazing! I've lost 25 pounds and it feels so good. People say negative things about it but I think if you stick with it, it will work!

Great Going. Stick with it & you will excel!!!!