Diluted Test Result

I was arrested over a year ago due a to drunken fight. Nevertheless, I learned from my stupidity and decided to make the best out of probation. However, since I am only a few months from release, I have been having awful anxiety attacks due to a recent phone call. My officer said "It could violate my probation do to this inconclusive dilute." I was concise while explaining to her that I have a physically demanding job and hydration is critical. On the contrary, I mentioned that I would adequately self hydrate, so that I can provide a sample. It wasn't in my intentional, nor deliberation to dilute a test since I have nothing to hide. I have taken at least 30 EtG's and passed every one of them. Also, I have paid my fines off early and finished community service early. I have to report; 1-29-13, and I am praying to God she doesn't violate me. I have read how EtG's lead to false positive's through the Substance Abuse Mental Health Association and people being dumped into jail for it. Probation is beyond stressful. I am looking forward to school along with my full-time job to further elapse the remaining 3 months. I am looking forward to a new start.

If anyone had gone through my calamity, please feel free to reply. Your insight is highly appreciated.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 15, 2013