No Class

I have a week without classes but lots of homework so gonna be busy but at least I can sleep at night. WHOO HOO! Still have a busy week though... son has class three days, teen has a dentist appt and so on.

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13 Responses Mar 15, 2009

ahhh my phone is vibrating again with an unknown number... wonder who that might be

you never know

oh darlin' if it leaves me laughing maybe you aren't doin' it right... i'm just sayin'... *giggles*

I have lots of funnies but not for Guys lol

you so did not try that as a joke... poor baby, you have no funnies left inside

well next time get a Rick or Sam or Fred and no bills.. LOL

u always do that to me... don't ya know i have a phobia of bill collectors

yeah Dork... LOL

are you callin' me dork? uuhhg i hate unlisted #'s

Well just because your so far south doesnt mean its spring up north.....<br />
<br />
Well this last week we had two days of it being 80 and then back in the 40's 50's

It's 80 here what the heck are you talking about... I have a freakin' sunburn from the game yesterday and the kids spent today in the pool!

Hell your on spring break in the middle of winter..... LOL