You Crusty Gal!

Ya know I honestly have not seen anything really horrable from wilmaa. Sure she is crass , crusty, Bold and sarcastic but I think the poor gal gets a bum wrap alot of the time.  Much of the time I find her funny. I think many don't appreciate her brand of humor. 

She has been acused of everything from stalking to hacking, With so many acusations flying around you really have to stop and think how much of it is true.


ANYWHO.  don't go gettin all mushy on me for saying all this, if you do I swear I'll get the biggest doughnut I can find and THWAP you with it!!  :P





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Very well said. I agree completely and will take your advice. :)

You say you meant no offense, and I will accept that and take no offense. :)<br />
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I understand your frustration, I do. However, those of us who are bystanders can only Hope for the best, and hope that the accusations are not true. That is also why I take the position of, I have no proof either way, so I am in no position to make a fair assessment. As well, too much acusations in the public forum tend to sour your argument. Meaning, even tho you may be accurate , too much begins to sound like sour grapes. That will do Wilmaa no service at all. <br />
Take the high road, and deliver what proof you have to the admins. Try to let the rest go.<br />
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looking through the server data does take time, if there are multiple accounts then they have to be watches for a while. that takes time. <br />
EP has to take the show me the proof stance. I suspect that they are looking into it. If nothing happens in a reasonable amount of time (like a month or 2) then revisit the issue with the admins. <br />
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My best advise is to help Wilmaa with what ever proof you have and be supportive. I know it is frustrating, but for your own peace of mind focus on helping wilmaa rather then the injustice.<br />
Channel your passion into a positive force for your friend, Don't let all the hate and venom from other people infect you. :)<br />
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I Hate is most often a symptom of insecurity and fear. try to keep in mind that is their issue, <br />
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No offense intended to you, CheekyGeek, I apologize if it sounded that way. The whole thing is just so ridiculous and unfair. I am, in fact, aware of offenses perpetrated by a member who, so far, has not been punished. Hopefully, more evidence or witnesses will make the difference.I just find it very sad and upsetting that things have to be this way. Why can't people just live and let live, and if somebody doesn't like someone else, just ignore them? I don't understand the depth of hatred some people feel toward someone else for a meaningless, sometimes imagined offense.

"the point is" excuse me, I am being very unbiased here, I will thank you to remember that.<br />
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Because she is the one accused, AND there was another account used from the same IP the burden of proof would fall on her. I have seen this same procedure on other Forum sites. As well, If I were accused and EP was important to me, I would be happy to prove my innocence. I would also insist I got a public apology. <br />
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As far as what OTHER people are doing or not doing. I do not know, and to be honest you can not be 100% sure either. Unless you do have the Ip addresses or an admission of guilt.<br />
<br />
I will NOT judge the guilt or innocence of another WITHOUT PROOF , I do not have the list of alleged dup accounts, the ip addresses or the time log stamps associated. <br />
If EP is convinced enough to Ban her then I have to step back and wonder, but that is all.<br />
<br />
Without Proof Wilmaa should not be accused, without proof neither should anyone else be accused! If you expect me to participate in a drum-head trial you will be disappointed. <br />
<br />
and NOT everyone as you say would be banned, I do not have another account, Nor have I had a name change nor a previous account.<br />
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Why is she being singled out,?????? I can only theorize, But you would have to ask the accuser for that. If I were to guess then I would expect that it might be Wilmaas sense of humor. While I get it, there are those who do not. Sometimes sarcasm can be mistaken for abuse. Being only able to see words and not hear the inflection of the voice, it happens easily. Beyound that, I can not venture to guess. <br />
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regardless, the situation is what it is. Principle or not Wilmaa can either endeavor to prove she is innocent Or not. I think that might be the best way to go about it. Regardless of how many people think or believe in her innocence or guilt... SAYING it Does NOT make it so! at this point the proof will set her free, so give EP proof. I don't see the big deal.

The point is, CheekyGeek, why should she have to? If she has to offer proof and justify herself for having more than one account, SO SHOULD EVERYONE. Why is she being singled out like this on the word of one nasty, slanderous person who in reality is the one doing all the horrible things she accuses others of doing?

WOw, what a mess. <br />
I don't see anything wrong with a name change. We change, we grow, so there may come a time when your handle just does not fit you, it feels forign, so changing the name is a natural thing.<br />
<br />
having Multiple accounts. that IS a problem. Too many opportunities for head games, and general mischief, that would deminish the purpose of this site. <br />
<br />
If the person was reported. what EP would have to do is watch all accounts in question, Log the Ip's associated with all of those accounts, compare the log in times to see if accounts where logged in at the same time , taking note of the mac address. <br />
<br />
If Wilmaas and her father never logged in at the same time, I can see how EP would come to the conclusion that one person is using both accounts. Esp. when that is the accusation. that is why I suggest sending a notarized statement from the dad.

well so long as the accounts were not active at the same time. I see nothing wrong with that. <br />
I personally do not like the idea of having multiple accounts that are currently active. It just causes nothing but problems.<br />
I feel bad for wilmaa, I DO think she got a bum wrap for alot of unprovable accusations. However there is little that can be done. I am not sure if she has any recourse. <br />
I remember there was mention of her fathers account as being the source of EP's dup account accusation. Is there a way he can prove the account was his.<br />
example<br />
send notarized copies of drivers lisc. with a statement . Her father stating the second account was indeed his.? Perhaps Wilma can offer such a thing to the EP admins in order to prove her innocence?? <br />
And if it comes to light that Wilma is not doing what she is accused of, I do think EP should make a statement to that end.

it has come to light that she isnt leaving she is deleted due to multiple abusive accounts. <br />
while the Wilmaa persona didnt bother me , I don't know the others nor what they did, only that EP seems to have deemed them abusive. <br />
<br />
So I have to stand by EP on this on..

well OK... but if anyone gets all mushy with me.... Expect a doughnut flogging. :P<br />
<br />
I would hate to see her go. Ep has so many heavy topics. We need someone like Wilmaa to lighten it up.

Again, I will offer my personal services as Wilmaaa's body guard if it will help convince her to stay.