I don't even know where to begin... I'm soon to be 26 years old... I got married at 22 and at the time it seemed to be a perfect fairy tale... He was in the Military and I was a Stay At Home Wife... Who did all the Wifey Chores and didn't mind not one bit in fact I loved my new role in life... Well it all changed... My husband decided one day that he will not SHOW UP for work and that one day turned into 18 months of him being AWOL which this past Dec. he finally got the military off of his back by recieving a OTH discharge.... During the 18months I felt as if I was a prisioner as if I was wanted by the Military too by being married to him, during that time I begged, cried, yelled for him to turn himself in and finally after 18 months of running he did.... Now we live with my parents because money is tight... I work.... But heres the problem.... My family owns a business they even hired my husband to work for our family own business... my husband will work for a few day and then lay out and SLEEPS till 1pm and stays up till 2am and plays video games ALL NIGHT! My parents are very nice to allow me and my husband to live there RENT FREE, wash our clothes there, eat, etc etc etc All that require of my husband is to WORK thats IT!!!! He doesn't have to clean, cook, just Work thats all I just want him to do is WORK!!!! My father will even go way out of his way to personally wake my GROWN BUTT HUSBAND up for work and my husband will just roll over like he is just a KID on a Summer Break from school.... Im tired Im SOOOO TIRED I don't feel Loved, we never go anywhere or do ANYTHING even when he was in the military we went out just once... All he ever wants to do is Play his online game, Sleep, Eat, and Repeat!!!! I don't believe in Divorce... but what can I do???? I need advice... I can't talk to his mother about him because I just know she will side with him, We do get along but when I mention about him needing to work and he doesn't have to work in my family business he can work ANYWHERE as long as he just WORKS and he just say Shut Up etc etc He is 27 Years Old and has NO motivation at ALL!!!!! What Should I Do!?!?! Please someone out there Help

Neyla Neyla
Jun 15, 2012