So Sick Of Him

I do everything, I plan it, i work ,I purchase, I cook. From the beginning it has been this way because, to wait on him meant it just didn't happen or happened too late. I always said help plan or just help. We have been together 8 years now. He works and sleeps. Oh yeah and spends. We are in a rut now because I am not working. He is not my idea of a man. He calls me a man because he says I'm too bossy, but if I say nothing and let him take over not only is it a disaster but he can never take responsibility for what he has done. It's to the point now I don't even want to travel or go places with him anymore. I think maybe I should have kept him as a date and no more. Everyday he seems to get lazier and lazier and I am beginning to really dislike him. Oh and he has a daughter which he wants to put no time into and wants me to completely take over. I am looking for a job so desparatly so I can escape. But I know with the job the marriage will crumble
Taybird Taybird
Jul 30, 2012