At My Wits End!

My husband and I will be married for three years next year, and I'm already considering divorce! This man is one of the laziest people I have ever met in my life and he seems to get worse every day.
He didn't have a job when we married, but ended up with a start up lawn care business after I nagged him into it. He didn't actually work at his own business, he got his nephews to do the work for him. Less than a year after we married, he stopped helping around the house, became really controlling, and we even stopped sleeping in the same bed for awhile. I actually left him after that, but we got back together when I got a job promotion & had to move out of State.
My husband is hugely obese, but does nothing about his weight. He's got the opportunity to get bariatric surgery, but didn't buckle down and do the required work to get the surgery. He has told me he wants it, but cannot get out of his own way to get it! Forget about excercise, the man doesn't know the meaning of the word.
I cannot believe I married this man. I get up and work all day, come home, & he's chillin on the couch. I have to beg him to do laundry, and him emptying the dishwasher is rare. He'll cook once in awhile, but I do a lot of the cooking, cleaning, and going to the grocery store. I pay all the bills and take care of buying gifts. We don't have children, but maybe that's a blessing. I honestly don't want a man who is content to be a stay at home husband. Especially when I know I'll end up with triple the amount of work I have now!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect. I can be moody and emotional at times, but at least I'm not
Just looking at him irratates me, and I've had enough. I just don't know how to tell him. He's very manipulative, and has an arguement/excuse for everything. He's able to turn things around so it looks like I'm the bad spouce.
Any advice on this is welcome!
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I'm in the same situation but been married 24 years and we do have children he lost his job about 3 years ago and not motivated to find steady work I don't see it getting better but feel stuck because of children and the length of the marriage. If not I would be gone. Feel your pain.

Run as fast as you can....yes it is a blessing you dont have a kid...what are you waiting for?

No-one can worse than the someone who cannot be motivated to do anything - my sister is like this and always has been. She's in her 50s now - nothing will change her. <br />
Anyway, the moral of the story is, if you're that bad a spouse - he shouldn't have to put up with you. LOL. So go. Leave him to it