Is My Fiance Lazy?

Iv'e recently fallen pregnant and been in and out of hospital with terrible morning sickness i feel tired and sick all day everyday. i used to work and do all the cleaning/cooking. But since i've been ill i can't do it anymore. My partner begged me for kids as hes 10 years older than me. So i gave him what he wants and i thought he'd be so attentive and helpful during my tough time but he does nothing if i ask him to do something he just ignores me and sits staring at the t.v. it seems like hes changed since i've been pregnant and i don't understand why, we have a large dog who has a history and being aggressive with kids, so i brung up getting rid of the dog but he said the dog will never go. And that if i want the dog gone then basically i can leave and im carrying his child. He said he would quit smoking when i got pregnant which never happened, he still smokes around me and in the house, i asked him to smoke outside if he's going to smoke as i hate the smell and its bad for the baby but he said its his house and he isn't going outside to smoke. he flicks his *** ash anywhere but in an ashtray, in the sink, mugs on tables, the floor. and just leaves it for me to clean up. i tried to get him involved in the baby by sugguesting names but he says hes not bothered what we call teh child. i brought him a little baby grow that says i love my daddy which i thought would get him thinking of what a great little baby hes going to have but he took one look at it and put it back in the bag and it never came out again. I don't know what to do i feel like hes not interested in me or the baby. All im here to do is have his kids, cook, clean and have sex with. i feel worthless. is it me or should i get out before the babies born? help!
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It's definitely not you