Am I Insensitive Or Is My Husband Just Lazy?

Am I insensitive or is my husband just lazy?
I ask my self this question everyday.
I met my husband a little more than 3 years ago right before I was to shipped off to Army Bootcamp. We developed a long distance relationship. During my absence he hurt his back playing baseball. He being previously in the Air Force reported his injury as military related even though he hasnt been in for years when this occured and was rewarded disability benefits out the whazoo and doesnt have to work( I bust my *** working a full time job and he still makes more money than me sitting on his a$$). His injury happend three years ago and even though i truley believe he was hurt back then, now I just think he may be addicted to pain meds and just doesnt want to work again. We now have an 8 month old, I work full time, do all the house chores, the majority of baby care, mowing the lawn and so on while suffering from a little case of Post-Partum. I cant even get my husband to clean up his snotty tissues that he throws all over the house let alone put even a cup in the top rack of the dishwasher. He tells me its his back that prevents him from doing anything, but when I ask him to doing something like shred his mail which requires no back breaking work he tells me that is even to much...ugh. Yet he can go riding on his motorcyle on the weekends. When I was pregnant with our first I had to do everything up until the very day I gave birth work, clean, shopping, ect. Even yard work because the township was sending us notices for overgrown grass. Three days after having a c-section he took off to Atlantic City for a few days and when he came back after losing 500.00 + he suggested I should go back to work because we were low on funds. I was in so much pain at that point and in the early stages of post-partum. Since we have had our child things have gotten much worse. He now smokes pot frequently and just plays his video games majority of the time. He eats rocky road ice cream literally for breakfast lunch and dinner. He also has become so angry and depressed and takes it out on me daily by calling me a lazy ****, and a horrible mother which of course is hurtful. I am normally passive agressive and never fight with anyone, but for ther past few months I have blown a few fuses and started yelling at him and expressing myself with pure rage. I have never gotten so angry at anyone in my life and I have been put into many stressfull situations. I love my husband but im feeling burnt out. I almost feel like a single parent sometimes. I dont know what to do. I have tried to get him help with counseling, but that doesnt work. He just doesnt seem to want to help himself, and i'm losing patience. I do feel bad at times because I wonder if im the weak one or maybe he is legit disabled and im just being insensitive. There was a time when I had all the patience in the world for him but I just dont know if I can keep going. I read some of the posts here and it seems like a lot of ladies are venting about simular situations and I thought I would add my story and see what others thought. Am I insensitive? or is m husband just lazy?
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Jan 21, 2013