Life Sucks

about three weeks ago, i tried slitting my wrists, and my legs, just to prove that i was beautiful.  when that didn't work, i figured that if i moved to michigan things would be better off.  turns out i was wrong.  now i don't feel beautiful, and i definetly am alone all up here.
Kataki Kataki
26-30, F
3 Responses Nov 17, 2006

The key to making life better is to get out of yourself. Stop thinking about your pain and your feelings for a moment, and think about how you treat others. Then get up and go do something for someone. When you stop being selfish you'll find that something amazing happens: people start giving a damn about you.<br />
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Its not the world's job to make you happy. That's your job. If you want to be loved try being lovable. If you want to be valued by valuable. If you want to be respected be respectable. It's that simple.

man i kno how u feel i still feel the same way jus a lil differently i feel like doin sumthing i regret to my parents and sibling i hate them all i wish they burn in hell for the things they make me feel and do to me...wen things start gettying better they just get worse ...DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ADVICE THAT CAN HELP