I Have 100+ Accounts Online...

i've been a netizen since 2000...
made some 100+ accounts in different websites and social networking site out there...
i have listed them all in one website... but this..
i can't include this one in there...
TheaRhyss TheaRhyss
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That sh*t's crazy.

How do you manage them all?

i have them listed in a notebook... they are all my reference... as i call them...

But 100+ it just too many I think :) you definitely a social network butterfly. Are you working Internet cafe? Because it seems you are because of that DoTa question.

yeah you got that right! i work 247! haha!!!

and i write for some website.. (par-time) that's why i ended up with the 100+... sometime i write somebody's thesis... ssshhh....

Hahaha... Yeah I did remember many said that most of college student thesis in Philipine has been written by somebody else who didn't even graduate from college or had a college degree. It's like a public secret. Did they paid you good enough for that? Lol

not that much but i love what i do... so maybe i'm happy with that :)

so maybe that graduation speech containing " thank you copy paste thank you google and thank you wikipedia" must be true in some sense ... yip.. some of the students does that...

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i hardly have 10 accounts.. gmail, facebook, youtube, oo my god thats it..

:) good for you!

I have only one social networking site,this,it is all I need.


I'm kind of like that..I tend to forget passwords and stuff like that or mess up an account. So I start a new one! I don't mean on different sites though..I make multiple new accounts on a couple of websites.

but in my case... i have a notebook.. where all of those usernames and passwords are kept... :( the end result of trying to escape...

wow... what are some of the other sites?

to name some.... facebook - 4, msn 3, twitter -4, blogspot, youtube -5, blip.fm, last.fm, weheartit, posterous, 500px,fotolog,
.weebly,.soup.iozootool,imgfave,familylobby,globaljammerz,en.netlog,profile.yahoo, meme.yahoo,profile.imageshack.us,vi.sualize.us