What the Heck

Is this Twitter I've been hearin about time from time... I guess I could look it up... but i'm not that interested in it yet... lol

MsJuicyBoo MsJuicyBoo
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11 Responses Feb 24, 2009

We both del. are accounts... but it seems like everytime i turn around on the TV its Twitter this... Twitter that... Soon it will be in the dictionary like Myspace is... go figure...lol

LOL true

LOL thanks KissinCoffin... glad to know someone else agrees with me... LOL me and my friend joined at the sametime... and we couldnt even find each other... I couldnt even find myself... OH BLAH

never? try it then. u'll find that u had no f*ckin' idea what 2 to do with it. lol

Heard about it but never logged into it

i know. i'm a bit confused by it 4 the first time. i don't know what the heck it is about. it's kind of a diary, rite? jotting down short notes 4 updates. letting peeps who followed u know what r u doin'. boring? definitely.

Ive joined it TWICE... still cant figure it out... and cant get over the plain boring layout... I know its the "NEW" thing right now... but I just cant get into it... :-/

twitter are fine. i just joined it. whatever.

That place is dumb and looks fake... what a waste of time... lol i think its just a gimmick... not tryin to hate on what you like tho... just not for me... sorri

They have fake celebrities on anything that hott for the time being... lol

you should. Its actually quite fun. There are fake celebrities and everything there. I'm there for a start ;-)