Fat Fugly And Fifteen :'(

Ok guys, so no hate please. I am a fifteen year old girl from Newcastle, I am incredibly fat and I hate myself as much as everybody else does. I need help!! For ages now I have been tormented for my weight although I'm not surprised as I am Monstrous. I went for a jog yesterday! I could feel the earth tremble benieth my feet. a police officer had to stop me as i was causing to much structural damage to the buildings around, i felt so proud, I jogged all the way down my street and then back! i feel fit already, just needed to share this for emotional support as i am hungry for compliments. well to be honest I'm always hungry. Thanks for reading, your friendly neibourhood hippo Jess.
jessharrington jessharrington
2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Hi I'd like to helpu when will u be online?


FAT is awsome