On Weight Watchers

I am on weight watchers.  Trying to lose a signifigant amount of weight.  It is weighing me down both physically and emotionally!  My meetings are on Saturdays.  I am currently on core trying to improve my nutrition.  I was doing really well last fall.  Had a massive slip up.  Now, I am back on the bandwagon.  It is going alright.  The program really works for me when I do the work.  Doing the work seems to be the hard part.
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6 Responses Jun 17, 2007

Are you still on Weight Watchers?

I found the best way to lose weight is herbalife shakes. Its really easy, you have two shakes a day and eat whatever you want, I got my friend to lose 60 pounds. I am a distributer for herbalife, if you have any questions please let me know. Its not about working out in the gym its about taking the right nutrition in your body. For instance you can work out 5 times a week, and do you really know what your doing? Most of the time when I work out I see overweight people do a couple reps, then move to the next machine and do the same. I can honestly say they dont know what they're doing. If you take in the right nutrition 3 x a day, its more effective then working out in the gym. If anyone has any questions please ask me, I am an ex-athlete and I help people lose weight.

I weighed in today and gained .2 pds. I'm frustrated I worked out so hard this week for an hr. five days and stayed within my points.I'm not giving up. I'm working the program. Doing something for me.

Hooray to you for slipping up but then getting right back on the bandwagon! I'm on path to lose a significant amount of weight too (100 lbs) and I'm tackling it in 10% increments. I figure if I lose 10% of my weight 5 times, I'll reach my goal weight. Right now I'm in my 2nd 10%. Somehow breaking up the 100 lbs this way seems less daunting and more achievable. Good luck!

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Stick with it, Weight Watchers works!

Was the massive slip up called the holidays? Lol. Don't be to hard on yourself. Its not about eating perfectly, its about eating in moderation.