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I Am On Wellbutrin

Okay, I am going to lay this out, because I was so afraid of going on an anti-depressant.  I was only diagnosed with depression 5 months ago.  Although I most likely have had it for the last 20 years.  Who knew?  Not me.

I have been on Wellbutrin for 9 weeks now.  I am going to give you the break down as far as I understand it week by week.   Because, for one it took some time for me to see a difference- and it was so gradual, only by looking back to I realize the difference.  That said.  I have not been on it very long.  I only started to see a change in the 6th week, and I know I am not up to the level that it could be.  This is just a little encouragment for those just starting, or thinking about it.  And the information I was looking for when I first started.  I wanted to know how bad the side effects were, and if they went away.  I this would totally mess me up, and/ or if it would even help.  So here you go.

Week 1-  I totally tanked- I was so embarassed that I had started taking an anti-depressant.  I kept thinking that if I just fought harder, if I just worked more, if I was just more focused I could beat this.  I was beating myself up for being so weak and unmotivated.  (I am learning that is classic depression behavior- but I'm new to this)- This was the hardest week.  My doctor started me slow on a low dosage.  I was on the SR 100 mg. for 5 days an then increased to 200 mg.  (Since wellbutrin can effect your sleep, when I started taking 2- 100mg- pills, he said to take them both in the morning.  My pharmisist, thought that was wierd, because then it wouldn't be in my system consistently, but I decided to trust the doc. and do it that way.)  The main side effect that I experienced was just dizziness and a little floatiness feeling in my head.  I was still able to work- but I was so worried it would effect my productivity.  It did a little- but luckily no one seemed to notice. (by the way, I did not tell ANYONE that I was on an anti-depressant, because I was so ashamed.)  By the end of the week, I started to experience the most surprising side effect, which is increased sweating.  Since I also deal with anxiety, I had anxious dreams and would wake up freezing because my body was covered in a cold sweat.  Yuck.  but as far as side effects go, I figured I'd take sweating more over nausea any day.  So I decided to stick with it.  I did experience a tiny bit of nausea, but it was so minor- it didn't really effect much, besides me being a little annoyed at it, not very noticeable.  Experienced dry mouth as well.  I also experience the insomnia that some say they have.  I would wake up a few times a night, and sometimes I could not get back to sleep for hours.  My doctor said this might happen, and encouraged me to just push through it.  It wouldn't last too long. (although when you can't sleep, a night seems like a week.- but so it goes). Since I wasn't sleeping much anyways because of the depression and anxiety- well, to tell you the truth, I didn't get too worked up over this side effect.   I'd been dealing with that for some time anyways.  The only other side effect I dealt with was small head aches.  These would go away with advil, but sometimes they would be quick little sharp things that bugged.  Luckily this side effect went away after the first week.

Week 2- Started noticing the side effect of constipation.  Yep, you need to start taking more fiber the very day you start taking wellbutrin.  (embarassing? yes.  But thems the facts.)  Still sweating more, and still dealing with insomnia.  The dizziness and floatiness started to decrease this week.  But I stilll would have it for a good 4- 6 hours after taking the pills.  I would finally start to clear up in the afternoon.  It was annoying, and I still was struggling at work- but again, no one seemed to take any notice (thank the Lord!).  Experiencing dry mouth, and also, my appetite started to decrease, and I had to really keep on myself to eat.  (Some would love this side-effect, but I'm really small and skinny- and I didn't want to add any more problems to my depression).  Eating was a chore.  However I do not remember experiencing nausea this week.  I did however start to notice slight hand tremors.  Only I would notice them, no one else did or really would, because it is slight. (but it is annoying and makes you feel old)  Also noticed feeling a little weaker at the gym.  I wondered if I just needed to eat more, so I just tried to keep on myself to eat.   I did not notice headaches.  Did not notice any improvement on my mood or depression- still having really bad days, and still struggling.

Week 3- Still dealing with constipation, and sweating.  Dizziness, and floating feeling had now decreased to 3 to 4 hours after taking the pills. I saw my primary care doctor, and she confirmed that it is really a wierd side effect of wellbutrin, that it can cause more sweating, and constipation.  She recommended starting the XL  300mg soon, because the side-effects seem to decrease with the extended release formula.  Still a chore to eat, and had very little appetite.  Hand tremors still a problem, and still feeling weaker at the gym.  No nausea, or headaches however. And less insomnia. But also no improvement in my mood.  I kept hoping and hoping it would make a difference, and I started to worry that either I was not on a high enough dose, or that this would not work for me.  I was discouraged, and didn't want to try a different medication.  But I decided to stick with it, because my doctor said it can take 6 to 8 weeks before I would even start to notice a difference.  Wha!

Week 4- Started taking the XL 300 mg.  Dizziness and floatiness had now decreased to about 2 hours after taking the pill.  Still sweating, still having to take more fiber.  I had a few headaches after starting the XL, but again, they could quickly be dealt with with Advil, and I just figured it was because of the increased dosage. I only remember having to deal with that for 2 days.  Still dry mouth, still hand tremors, still decreased appetite.  But less insomnia.  Also, no improvement in my depression. Bummer. But I might be noticing that I am able to stay on task a little more at work.  Not as hard to concentrate.

Week 5- Side effects are starting to decrease.  Only one new one has cropped up.  I need to pee more. ( I would put it more delicately- but I'm a simple person.) On the up side,  Dizziness and floatingness are not noticeable after taking the pill.  Not really noticing constipation (but still taking increased fiber).  No headaches.  A little less sweating (yeah!!!)  Not  noticing insomnia.  Still slight shakiness in the hands, but at least I hadn't gotten any weaker at the gym. Still decreased appetite.  Still struggling, no noticing an improvement in my mood, but I am able to concentrate more, and my memory although still bad, is not as bad.  Hmmm. maybe this could work.

Week 6- Side effects are even less.  No dizziness or floatiness, no constipation (I finally stopped having to take more fiber) less sweating, No headaches.  Still decreased appetite, and still minor tremors in the hands.  But now, a little more motivation, and feeling a little hope.  Still struggling with the depression, but for the first time in a while I had a little more motivation, and a little more hope.  And am a little more kind to myself.  I started to think, maybe, maybe I can get this depression thing under control.  (now I have to be honest, this was a small improvement.  No big huge change.  If there is a middle level, I was still underneath it, and still struggling- but this is when I first started to notice an improvement.) More able to concentrate at work, and stay on task.  A small improvement in my memory.

Week 7- The only side effects I noticed were decreased appetite.  (I don't even need to pee more)  Nice.  The sweating had decreased (still a little more than I am used to, but SO much better than it was). My mood?  A little better.  Feeling a little more motivated, a little less anxious.  Able to concentrate at work, and keep on task.  But you want to know what excited me most?  I could sleep through the night again!  Oh wow!  I realized at the end of the week that I had slept through the night 5 days in a row!!!!! (why is this exciting?  because it had been months!!!!!) Wahoo!!!!

Week 8- Doing better with every week.  More motivated, more hopeful.  Slept through the night the whole week again!  Feeling more social (which was a major improvement for me, because I totally withdrew from everyone) Things are starting to look up.  I am still below what you would consider a normal mood level, but it is so much better than it was.  I still have hard days, and still struggle.  But I don't feel like it will be that way forever- like I did before.  Life is starting to be a little more manageable. 

Week 9- Well here I am.  I don't worry about not being able to sleep any more.  I still have hard days mood-wise, and still have to kick myself in the butt to get motivated (mainly because I really do love being lazy).  But definitely feeling hope (don't get me wrong, I still get discouraged, but it's better.) The only side effect that I still notice is hand tremors, mainly in the morning.  They really are so slight that no one else would notice them.  But in all honesty, they are still there.  Sweating is almost back to it's normal level, and I am feeling better.  I know I have a ways to go, but it is an improvement. 

So that's as much as I know so far.  I will try and update.  But would love to hear from those who have taken Wellbutrin for a while. 

What I've learned: it hasn't totally messed me up, and that it has made an improvement with my depression.  The side effects, although annoying, did not last very long, and were not in any way serious.  So if there's hope for me, I hope there is some hope for you!



gr8girl gr8girl 31-35 52 Responses May 10, 2008

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I love your candor and your documentation. Thank you! I am at one week today on XL 300mg. My side effects, though very minor are lack of appetite. I have to remind myself to eat sometimes, some dry mouth, and some insomnia, though I am able to sleep most of the time. I used Celexa 20mg beforehand, and was very unhappy, as one of the main side effects was weight I'm not complaining about the lack of appetite so far ;).

Going to be.picking.up wellbutrin at the pharmacy tomorrow. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety a few weeks ago and now wellbutrin is being.used to see if it most makes a difference. I am hopeful but also impatient wanting help in a shorter period of time than 6-8 week period of time.

I just started taking Wellbutrin 5 days ago... I have withdrawn from everyone... I lost my job because of depression and lost my place so I'm living with my sister who doesn't understand deep depression at all. I have stopped eating.. Not hungry.. I stopped smoking wich is great but still no motivation... I still cry... I go to interviews because I want to move just to be alone.... I can't stand having someone telling me to get up and let's go shopping.... Noooo I just want to be left alone. I want to think this med will help me... I'm scared I want to feel better.. I feel that if this drug doesn't help me I will hit rock bottom for sure. Thank you for your review on your journey.... I really would appreciate someone telling me how it worked for them pls... I feel so alone and scared.

What a nice commentary on your experience! Very organized and well written. Would love to hear an update to this?

I am on 450 mg of bupropion and 10 mg of lexapro. Just started the lexapro a month ago but have been on Bupropion a few years now and for me it's worked wonders and is worth the annoying side affects mentioned by others . After adding lexapro I finaly think I am right where I need to be. Honestly, I don't know how I graduated college and then entered the full time world of employment battling anxiety/depression! Looking back I was a total wreck and feel greatful my thoughts of suicide stayed only thoughts. Loss of memory is embarrassing and has been noticed at work by co-workers. I may tell them if it becomes a daily struggle. Anyway, it's changed my world so much for the better. I only wish I would of started my meds 10-15 years ago as suggested. So stick with it if it's working for you! I think getting on medication saved my life!!!

I have been on 100mg of WB for about 8 weeks and 200mg and 25mg of zoloft for about 12 days. I was on celexa for a few years for anxiety but went off. Went back on zoloft after an illness. I have always had ADD though and zoloft did nothing for that and I always ate. Wellbutrin made me terribly dizzy the first 2 or 3 weeks of starting 100mg and very sad so I went back to 25mg of zoloft with it. Then it just seem to not really work and I went to 200mg/25mgzoloft daily. The dizziness and fogginess are going away and my my poor impulse control and overeating etc. are more in control. It does nothing to help my anxiety. Mild itchiness and headaches. My biggest thing is it makes me feel kind of sad or just not as into things. I don't know if that is from not being on an emotional roller coaster from add ..really happy but over emotional and unorganized with the attention span or a fly or it really is downing me out. Anyone else out there take it for ADD or anxiety?

On week 2 of 150xr... Crazy foggy head & mild headaches. Dry mouth is ok to deal with.. :/

That was very helpful. The week by week descriptions took a lot of my worries away. Thank you.

Thank you so much for posting this. Reading through it has helped me know what to expect. I just got off of buspirone, which made me feel like an angry wild woman, so the doctor prescribed Wellbutrin. He said it would take several weeks to work and for me not to give up on it. After years of being on Paxil and quitting that several times, I am looking for something that will work for my depression and anxiety. I also need to lose some weight. The doctor said the Wellbutrin would give me more energy and help with weight loss. Again, thank you.

Awesome description, thank you. I started taking Wilbutrin 3 days ago and hoping it will help me. My do has me on Effexor and Wilbutrin combo at the moment

Thank you for posting your experience here. I am on my 4th week of being on wellbutrin sr. I was diagnosed as major depressive. I was started at 100mg and then 2 weeks in moved to 200mg. So I was taking 2x100mg tablets at once in the morning as directed. I handled it very well only real side effect was hands shake a little. When I got my refill instead of giving me 100mg tablets they gave me 200mg sr tablets. Now taking 2x100mg sr tablets should be exactly the same as taking 1x200mg but all I know is on the 200mg I am very hyper. Hopefully I normalize on the 200mg tablets. I think if I don't people will start to get annoyed because I don't stop talking. But the good news to all of this is that I don't feel like life is a pile of horse manure. And I don't feel like if I were to die it would be no big deal. Also, I am not angry all the time. I really came so close to just exploding on people. I have started to go out again with friends and want to be around people which hasn't been that way for years. So all in all I think even if it keeps making me hyper I will stay on it because the good outweighs the bad.

I have been on Wellbutrin for about 10 weeks... I take it at night, because it makes me soooo sleepy.. i have very vivid dreams with it, and am constantly tired, I can't take it in the morning, because it literally puts me to sleep, i can't drive, i can't function, i can't work.. so at night it is. I explained this to my doctor yesterday, and she said it's so weird that it puts me to sleep, so she has decided to put my on Prozac and off of Wellbutrin.. I have to start that today, not sure how it's going to be... anyone try it?

I suppose you've now been on the new SSRI for a month or so, so hopefully all's well. Still, it's a bit odd that your doc chose Prozac as a first-try SSRI. It tends to work, but (similarly to Paxil) not quite as well or as often as Zoloft. Zoloft also offers far fewer cases of weight gain or sexual side effects (which, along with increased anxiety and decreased energy are the side effects most likely to cause someone to stop taking their meds, with or without medical approval for stopping).

There are three other odd things about the choice. Firstly, your doc might at least talk with you about the potential to keep Wellbutrin and add an SSRI on top of it. They are very frequently layered, and make a good team. Often, they can mediate the side effects of one another. For instance, SSRIs get a bad rap for weight gain, drowsiness, and decreased libido. Wellbutrin tends to cause weight loss, stimulation, and horniness. A balance is often struck there. Still, drowsiness on Wellbutrin is an odd, idiosyncratic, and paradoxical reaction, so maybe it's best to stop it. I can't figure why that would happen, and haven't seen it myself. Maybe an odd provocation of some sort of aversion response to the norepinephrine (essentially adrenaline, and one of the neurotransmitters thought to play a part in depression, i.e. you don't get the energy and enthusiasm that comes from life's pleasures, and instead are unenthusiastic, tired, and physically unresponsive to pleasurable experiences, or what should be such, anyhow).

Secondly, sometimes people can overcome psych med drowsiness by increasing caffeine intake, exercising more, changing sleeping habits, or, odd though it sounds, meditating. It would probably be wise to discuss these options, but they may either be impossible for you, things you've already tried, or things you'd prefer not to do.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft (along with more BS drugs like Trazodone, which is to be avoided) are no longer the standard in effectiveness for depression. For SSRIs, that seems to be Lexapro, which is effective for about 78% of patients, with sustained long-term remission of major depressive episodes for 46-53%, depending on whom you believe. In any case, that's about 10% better for the first stat and ~12-15% better for the second. Also, Lexapro takes effect in as little as one and typically 2-3 weeks, whereas most other antidepressants take a month or two to show full effects (Although Wellbutrin, by working on Dopamine, can show mood enhancement in a matter of 2-4 days, it takes a few weeks to have its full effect). It also has a low side effect profile, although Zoloft remains the winner in that category. Viibryd is another newer SSRI that seems to be pretty good. Celexa is another.

Some drugs for you to avoid:

Cymbalta = Very good drug, but is a SNRI, which means it may also trigger whatever Wellbutrin is f-ing with.
Effexor = Another SNRI
Abilify = Used to amplify the effects of an SSRI, this drug is a powerful and effective weapon against depression, but has some really, really, really nasty side effects, like liver failure, permanent tremors, seizures, and death. They're really, really uncommon, but they make this a tool of absolute last resort.
Seroquel = Depression with anxious features sometimes causes doctors to prescribe the antipsychotic Seroquel in combination with an antidepressant. Seroquel has side effects nearly as bad as Abilify. It can cause permanent tremors, disfiguring tardive dyskinesia, and cognitive decline. This medication is used (in combo with Risperdal, often) for people who are literally losing touch with reality, people who have been awake so long that, if Seroquel doesn't knock them out, they'll have to be placed in a coma, and people with such bad anxiety that they risk doing something illegal, self-destructive, or medically dangerous during an attack of panic, etc. This tells you how powerful Seroquel is. It will knock you off your feet and put you to sleep in twenty minutes. It will zombify you. You can get used to this, and the doses used for depressed people are too low for most of the bad side effects, but this is a medication you do not want in your body if you can avoid it. It's a recent fad to use it, because it's a shortcut to solving sleep and anxiety problems. It's a bad fad.
Zyprexa = Another antipsychotic. Less strong and bad than Seroquel, this one has some legitimacy for more minor (depression and anxiety are major illnesses, but minor compared to schizophrenia and such) issues. If a doc really wanted you to try it, you could. It would be like a 4th or 5th choice, though.
Trazodone = A gross drug sometimes used for sleep. If you're lucky, it will put you to sleep, if not it begins to be like a stimulant for an hour or two. At that point, you're not sleeping. It tends to have those ups and downs for mood, energy, everything really. It can also cause false positives for amphetamines, if that matters to you. It sort of tells you how much this will knock you back and forth.

Remeron = This is a rarely used drug for depression, as it's quite old. That said, if you have trouble sleeping, it would be a great drug to compliment something like Lexapro. It will put you to sleep gently, keep you asleep through the night, and let you have a minimal hangover in the morning (from the drug, not from booze or anything like that). Its one downside is a considerable but not insurmountable one, provided you're prepped for it, namely that people often gain about twenty pounds on daily or nightly Remeron.

On the whole, its disappointing that Wellbutrin isn't working for you, as it is probably the second best antidepressant out there. Celexa and Viibryd might knock it down to fourth. Still, the best antidepressant on the market, at least by scientific results, is Lexapro. It's the SSRI you should talk to your psychiatrist about. If s/he didn't discuss it with you, there are only really a few reasons: You don't have insurance, and Lexapro, being newer and non-generic, will cost four times as much as Prozac (still, why not Zoloft, which is equally cheap?). You do have insurance, but are very tight financially, in which case, the difference is on the order of 20-30 dollars a month and I would encourage you to find that money. Money doesn't do a lot of good if you can't experience joy in life.

TLDR: Lexapro would be my first choice SSRI. If money is an issue that prevents that, I would be looking hard at Zoloft before Prozac. Sucks Wellbutrin isn't working. Maybe come back to it some day and see if it works, it really is a great tool.

Thank you for this. I seem to be adjusting to the drug in the same fashion that you have. This was of great help.
Day 9 for me @ 150mg tomorrow I start 300mg.

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been looking all over the internet hoping to find reassurance that my side effects are not just in my head or bad enough to need another doctors visit. I just started 150mg of Wellbutrin this week, and I have to admit it's been hard. Finally finding the courage to ask for help for the way I've been feeling instead of trying fruitlessly to "push through it" as I was taught; the stress of dealing with this huge ordeal and being too ashamed to share the burden with my friends and family; the side effects that I've been trying to deal with quietly without disrupting this illusion of a normal life I've built. So. Hard.

Hopefully sharing my experience I can get some advice or maybe help someone else who is struggling, too.

Note: I started Bactrim the day before the Wellbutrin so that may be magnifying my symptoms.

I have a little more energy in the mornings after I take both meds but find myself crashing quickly by mid afternoon. I can't even control it and I fall into a frighteningly deep drugged sleep for about two hours everyday and I wake up aching and tired. Obviously this makes getting to sleep at night even more difficult than it already was. My motivation is better but even the simplest of tasks can exhaust me. I find it easier to laugh, although I don't know that I feel any particular joy while doing it. I have had a headache every day that I've been on the meds, including one of the worst migraines I've ever had a few days ago, but then again I've always struggled with migraines and headaches. Unlike others on this post, I haven't really had much problem with dizziness. I have been experiencing a lot of muscle weakness and hand tremors though, sometimes to the point that it is noticeable if anyone was looking. When I'm feeling particularly tired, the tremors and muscle weakness get worse, to the point that I have difficulty texting. I'm not sure if I should go to the doctor for these symptoms. I'm trying to persevere.

Anyone experience a late or missed period after starting wellbutrin?

I did when it came it was very strange though. A lot heavier felt more like death

I been on Wellbutrin for about 7 weeks now for depression and some anxiety. My psychiatrist started me with 150 mg SR, and increased my dose to 300 mg a week ago. The only side effect I experienced was dizziness. Lately I been super forgetful. I lost my cell phone and wallet, and misplace my keys constantly. I also have trouble focusing at work (always have). I've always been somewhat disorganized but never like this. Not sure if this is a side effect or not.

My mood is a bit better, but I don't experience the cheerfulness or energy some people experience. I'm also going to therapy once a week, and I think my better mood might be more from therapy than from the AD. However, it would be nice to gain some more motivation, additional help with my depression. I still feel depressed and have to do cognitive therapy exercises constantly to help with my moods. Anyone on the same boat? Should I just keep waiting to see if it works?

Just wanted to provide some advice on dealing with constipation, whether from AD meds or any other cause. The best solution is magnesium supplements. Nothing else works like magnesium, and I have tried everything..simple, but highly effective. I take 1200 mg daily, which works for me, but you cant overdose on it. If you get diarrhea, back off on the dosage. Fiber doesnt work, none of those metamucil type products work. Magnesium is cheap and works! I have no idea why doctors dont tell people this... Hope this helps someone else

Gosh 200mg 300mg x??? Gosh that is a really big dosage!! And you thought u needed more! !! I'm only on 150mg and more than 150lbs overweight and 150mg xl is kicking my butt!

I just started Wellbutrin yesterday, but my doctor started me at 75mg for two weeks, at which point I'll see him again and presumably increase. Did anyone else here start on such a low dose? I've read through a ton of the comments and so far I don't think anyone has mentioned going the route my doctor prescribed.

I literally just started Wellbutrin today. My doctor has me taking 100mg in the morning for 7 days, and then switching to one 100mg in the morning and then another around 3pm. So I will eventually be taking 200mg a day. I don\'t know if this is typical. I am actually researching this medication now which is what brought me to this board.

I just upped my dosage a little over a week ago. From 150 to 300. I seriously thought I had the flu and i wasn't getting any better. I just realized it must be the wellbutrin. Yesterday I stated in bed all day because I felt so bad. How are you feeling now?

I also have itching all over! I've had that since I first started back in November. It's been driving me crazy. I thought I had fleas or bed bugs. So we sprayed for both and still no relief. I finally realized it was the wellbutrin. This is so frustrating.

Yeah, I\'ve been reading tons about it since last week when it was prescribed, but my 75mg \"ramp-up\" dosage seems to be uncommon. On the bright side, I haven\'t really had any side effects yet, so maybe that will hold once my dosage gets upped.

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I've been on 300mg Wellbutrin for a month now and the sweating is out of control. I'll continue to push through as you did. This has been my only side affect and the depression is totally under control.

This was great reading about your experience! I started Wellbutrin XL 300mg about 2.5 weeks ago. I have always been a worrywart but my anxiety and depression really spiraled out of control in 2010 after a near fatal motorcycle accident with my boyfriend. I was a mess, emotional and scared and traumatized. I think it was partly a form of PTSD but I had to stop stressing so bad because I was on my way to having a stroke from my blood pressure being so high. (I'm on 2 drugs for blood pressure now plus the Wellbutrin) I was on Lexapro for over two years and gained a HUGE amount of weight, like 80lbs, and I'm miserable being so overweight. I'm 32 and my metabolism isn't what it used to be but my doc thought switching might help. So far, I'm not stuffing my face at all hours like I was on Lexapro! I was always hungry! Now I'm like meh, don't need that right now. I have the sweating problem bad but ill take that over the fatty mcfatfat any day! It has kept me awake at night a lot but I just sleep when I can. The dizziness is my biggest issue. I feel all floaty and if I move my eyes around too quickly I really have problems. Haven't gotten sick but it gets close. I'm fighting a severe sinus infection right now so the dizziness is compounded with the congested dizziness. It's kind of dangerous to drive or be out in the heat. I really hope the dizziness decreases because it is the least tolerable of the side effects. I'm hopeful that since you experienced a waning in the dizziness that I will too, in time. I see my doc the second week of July to see how it's doing so I hope it gets better by then. I need the sinus infection to go away so I can be a bit more objective in my personal evaluation. I really appreciate your story and hope you continue to get better. Just know you are not alone in your feelings. It's hard to admit you new help but when you do, it's the first step to getting it under control. And if anyone knows you are on an antidepressant and doesn't accept or understand it, they most likely will never understand it. Those who understand and love you will be glad you are being proactive. Keep it up! And thank you for sharing your story!

I have been on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for over 6 years now and the only side effect that I am displaying is loss of memory. Sometimes I feel like an idiot when having a conversation with a group of people because I can't remember even the simplest words. I stopped taking it and switched to Sam e. I am hoping this will keep my mood stable while stopping the loss of memory. I noticed this about 2 years ago......can't take the memory loss anymore. Just started the Sam e about 1 week ago.

Thank you for this. I'm on day 9 of Wellbutrin and have been considering coming off because I have noticed very little improvement in mood, but have had terrible dizzy spells throughout the day. It is very discouraging because I was on zoloft and felt so good for the first time in 6 years, but I could not ********* and had terrible insomnia. My doc decided to switch me over to Wellbutrin and so far it has been all sides and no benefit that I can see. After reading this and the responses, I'll stick with it and hopefully the sides go away soon. I am on this for depression and PTSD from my time in Afghanistan. I am married and have two young daughters so I'm desperate to get the mood swings under control before I lose my family.

That blocked out word was related to ED

I had the same issue with Zoloft, but instead of switching it out for Welbutrin, me and my doctor went with adding Welbutrin, because it is know to cancel out some Zoloft side effects....N it did, so now I still get the good from the Z, with an added boost from Welbutrin. And I can **** again. Thank God!!

Been on 150 mg Wellbutrin SR.for almost 3 weeks and have all the same side effects; Sweaty and hot all the time! Tremors, decrease in appetite, insomnia. M mood already seems to be leveling though.

Thks for sharing. I felt exactly like you. I always been self confident and thought depression would never happen to me but it did and the lack of hope and sadness invaded me. I am on Wellbrutin since 10 weeks. The first 4 with 150 mg and the last 6 with 300mg. I have no side efects but I still wake up in the morning with my hearth jumping and struggling to get hope and go to work. That's my main issue now. I need to feel better at morning although during the day I feel much much better. At lunch time I am not that hungry but at dinner yes. I have lost 16kgs on the last 6 months but now I think I stoped.

So glad to have read your post. I am a 30yo female and have been taking Wellbutrin for about 2.5 years for depression. I actually read your article because my boyfriend starting taking it this past week and I honestly could not recall the play by play of side effects other than being a little foggy for a few weeks. Thank you for posting this as I will definitely share the information with him.

As for my experience, it has been amazing. My quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds. After all this time, I still am disappointed in myself for waiting so long and fighting so hard when I could have enjoyed my 20's much more if I hadn't been so stubborn about taking meds. My mood is much more positive, optimistic, and stable every day. I still feel moody but I can handle it now. There are NEVER anymore days of laying in bed crying my eyes out for no reason. If I could be a spokesperson for Wellbutrin I would. I give so much credit to all of you who have taken the step in the right direction of wanting to feel good, feel healthy, and enjoy your life. For those feeling discouraged after just beginning, I urge you to stick with it for a few months. The results will outweigh the initial side effects ten fold.

ive been taking this medication off and on for several years. originally was because i wanted to combat depression and smoking cessation. i quit smoking over a year ago. sometimes i decide to stop taking it because i don't want to be on the prescription treadmill, but, unfortunately, several weeks out the depression creeps back in. it's so suttle at first i dont realize it. only when i start feeling like my relationship is doomed and i don't want to leave the house do i realize the depression is in full swing and i get back on the medication. side effects are intense for a couple of days, but no where near the intensity of some other anti-depressants. Wellbutrin covers many areas in my life: depression, anxiety, some amount of fibromyalgia. it increases my sex drive and after a couple of weeks, i have zero noticeable side effects. for me, this is a wonder drug and it doesnt stop working if you quit and start again. I think it's very underestimated. it's also incredibly affordable. It's worth a try.

I am 33 years old a mother of 1 and have never been diagnosed with depression. I was on xanex for PTSD, which I was diagnosed with about 9 yrs ago - but since the beginning of the year have realized a lack of desire to get out in the world and have in fact isolated myself from friends and family. In the process I gained a lot of weight and have lost motivation to keep up with my responsibilities as well as do fun things with my son. Normally I am extremely active individual - full of energy... and some would say I am overly energetic. I did a lot of research and found WB to be the most suitable AD for my situation... being that I am lacking the desire to do anything other than drink, smoke, and sit around watching tv. <br />
<br />
It was difficult convincing my doc that I should try this medication due to me being on xanex for PTSD, which is afterall a stress disorder. My doc was concerned that it would make my anxiety attacks worse and more frequent. At the time I went on WB I was drinking heavily daily and taking xanex regularly. My therapist made the observation that it was likely because I needed a higher dose of xanex. <br />
<br />
I believed that it was depression brought on by chronic stress and loss over the years. After many conversations w/my doc, she finally agreed to put me on 150mgXL of WB - I have been taking it for a little over a week now. <br />
<br />
In week one I realized my energy increased immediately, followed by the intense desire to "re-do & spring clean" everything. I was in serious project mode. I did have some of the typical side effects mentioned here: jitters, floatiness, forgetfulness, sharp breif headaches, waking up through the night, occassional irritability, dry mouth, and crazy dehydration... I was very thirsty all the time (still am). <br />
<br />
However I also experienced some side effects which I view positively: I had very little if any desire to smoke or drink. I felt the urge for sex for the first time in over half a year. I have not felt the need for a xanex since I started WB and I have actually been not even drinking as much coffee. I have the energy to do something if I push myself, but am content sitting still reading without feeling the need to drink or pop a pill or overeat until my stomach hurts. I feel content in my skin and I hope these side effects continue.

Thank you so much for sharing this! I am on week 2 of Wellbutrin after being on Prozac and Celexa, which didnt work, and having the sweating and tremors everyday after my dose. I'm not used to shaking, and that has been difficult for me since I am a nursing student. But I am hopeful that this medication will help me, and after reading your post, I am very encouraged. Hope you are well!

A tip for those of you who are unable to deal with the side effects of buproprion sustained/extended release...I started out on 150 XR and the side effects were not really compatible with life: total loss of appetite (and I'm underweight to begin with) and total inability to enter into deep sleep (it should be noted that I'm also on zoloft 75mg which increases the amount of time wellbutrin will stay in your system) as well as other things. I gave up and started looking for other medications. In the end I took my dad's advice. He brought (unfortunately it's not available where I live, but it is available in the US) me 100mg regular buproprion. By regular I mean that it was the original buproprion which was generally taken 3x a day (then they invented the SR which only needed to be taken 2x a day and finally the XR which is once a day). The good thing about the regular kind, as opposed to SR and XR, is that you can cut the pill! So I started on 25mg, then 50mg, 75mg, 100mg (after two weeks on 100mg my depression, which I had been in for 6 months, stopped) and then 150mg (100 in morning, 50 in evening). Then I switched to the 150mg XR. During this whole process I had NONE of the side effects I had had before. Now I've been on the 150mg XR for about 2.5 weeks and functioning well. I think I do have more sweating than I did before the buproprion, but no night sweats yet (however, I got night sweats with the zoloft, which I still take 75mg anyway, and they were more common in the winter). I think I'm semi-constipated, but on just the zoloft I had semi-diarrhea so maybe it just seems like constipation in comparison. I've always eaten a lot of fruits and vegetables and now I've started snacking on prunes. Anyway, it's not causing me pain (it may have earlier in the process, but that could have just been my IBS). <br />
Hope this helps!