Just Switched From Cymbalta

I just started takin Wellbutrin 4 days ago. I am bipolar and also take Trileptal, Abilify and Buspar. I stopped taking Cymbalta because I was having problems every month getting my insurance to pay for it. I am taking 300mg Wellbutrin XL. I started taking 150mg but only felt minor side effects (fuzzy head, less appetite, sleeplesness, more energy) so I went up to 300mg on day 4 (today). I also feel super dopey when I take my other pills at night. I guess my Cymbalta wasn't helping too much, and that's why I take Abilify too. I'm hoping I will get some relief from my depression with the Wellbutrin. I have been medicated steady for almost 7yrs. Is anyone else here taking any other meds I do too? How long did it take to control your depression? Has anyone lost significant weight on Wellbutrin? Do you experience decreased libido like with other antidepressants? Let me know. Thanks!
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

i am also on cymbalta and abilify. i started wellbutrin yesterday so hsve no effects yet