I Feel Great

My doctor put me on wellbutrin 5 months ago. I was suffering from anxiety and severe depression. One and the only side effect of wb was it made my anxiety worse. So she put me on zoloft. Now i feel great. I dont experience any unusual anxiety and havent cried or been depressed at all. Zoloft made me lose some weight which i cant complain. I am not sure how long i am supposed to take them but i at least a year i assume. But i got my energy back and i am able to response to situations in a normal state of mind.
Aautumn Aautumn
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

i'm interested in a description of what you call 'severe depression'. I ask this because I too am in a severe depression. It is horrible. And with me, it all happens in a very short time. It began with a job loss, and just apiraled out of control. I notice in the postings I've read, the people are able to live their lives as they go forward. Mine is so severe, I do not think I will be able to hold a job. Unless it is a vey low level job. OMG.