Wellbutrin 150mg X 2 For Many Years

I can't remember exactly when I started taking this drug, but I can remember exactly why! I suspect it was around 12 years ago that I finally got tired of being angry. I would get PO'ed about something and wouldn't be able to let it go. The anger would stick like glue until I went to bed. I haven't changed except now I only stay mad for a few minutes . It has been a blessing, but I have a lingering worry that the stuff isn't good for my physical health.
I'm retiring soon and wanted to see if I could kick the habit so I cut back to 150mg once a day. Well, guess what? I was fine for about a week and then the old me returned. The anger came back along with a couple dark days of depression. I'm back on my regular dose now. Ken
joken joken
61-65, M
Jan 20, 2013