Str - Ptg

I am one of a kind for a variety of reasons. My views on politics and sex have been made more than adequately known however I wanted to cover a different area in this. To some, games are nothing more than a foolish past time for those with the luxury of being able to relax or having too much free time on their hands. To me, gaming is alot more than that. Gaming is like manure for your imagination for it does WONDERS and I mean wonders for increasing the fertility of it. I am not one of those retarded gentleman who will opt to play with his games over playing with his woman. BBUUUUUUTTTTTTT trust me when I say that whenever a woman has tried to get the better of me or take a slice of my ego or heart for sheer entertainment value - she has lost out because I just stroll over to a video system or my computer and get mentally lost in it. I think it also does wonders to control those otherwise rabid carnal impulses because once I am on guard around someone, it takes a very long time before the shields come down.

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Mar 6, 2010