Who Is Charlie?

Some people know of him as Charles MaNson but, we devils refer to him lovingly as Charlie.

Vivagalore Vivagalore
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That second picture really brings out his eyes...

He does look good in red

Coincidentally, or perhaps maybe not so coincidentally, my favourite colour is red too. Okay maybe closer to burgundy (no relation to Ron Burgundy whatsoever) but still, pretty close. Does that make me a follower? What's that nice necklace he's got on there? It looks shiny. I really want one of those. I could show it off to all my friends. I really like that robe thingy he's got on. Do robes like that come in my size? What about the hat? Can I get one of those? If I can get this gear together I'd surely be the talk of the town. I can picture it now, people lighting torches to warm me up. People building statues and wooden frame like things, kinda like that thing around his neck. "What's that? You want me to lye down on it so that you can take my measurements? But this one is not for me. Sure, go right ahead. I put my hands where?"


Sorry. I was just really bored. I'm going to hel aren't I? Oh well. It's one of those things I guess. :-

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Oh noooo! heltah skeltah!


I love his tunes <3

<3 love Charlie