New Beginnings

The Unseen is the ultimate good. Nothing is better. All good things are from him and if you are his child then you will share his good things. The cult of the Poo Flingahs will try to convince you otherwise. Beware of wolves in leopard's clothing.
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10 Responses Nov 14, 2010

*worships once more*

Go to Prophet blu's confessional please.

Ah good job. Much good will come of that behavior.

I doesn't get much attention. Read the stories. They are beautiful. How did you find this group?


WAIT WAIT WAIT...leopards clothing? I'm your number two...O.o....yeah I know I'm your poo....but STILL I AM NO WOLF....more like a leopard actually

No but seriously, combining cults ...I mean churches doesn't work because the leaders cannot submit to each other and some sort of horrible separation is bound to happen. Let's just be enemies and be happy. Trust me, enemies make cult...I mean churches work better. Have you read 1984?

finefine.. i'll take out the koolaid

We do not believe in koolaid.

the Poo Flingahs would like to request a join-up.<br />
<br />
maybe combine the cults?<br />
<br />
we have koolaid and marshmallow cream filling...