Batzy-Front man
Blu- mastermind
Allergy- Leader
Inex- doughnuts
Dipity- Recruiter
Mizz- minor enemy #1
AlwaysLovely- Receptionist/ Inex controller

All you others need to be on EP a little more so I can analyze your skills.
Allergic Allergic
22-25, F
31 Responses Nov 14, 2010

LOL at the security guard, I would rather scrub toilets O.O

The deity is the unseen, but we will come up with something for you. Every one of the Unseen's children is important to us.

Do I get to be the Deity? Because I'm really good at being awesome.

We are just using the reduced part. Right? You don't want three girls touching your jumprope?

Haha Allergic, you first :D

Hey, who wants to jump first?

Who you's calling mean blu?

Nice, we can use it as jump rope.


Hahahaha, small leopard weeny =P

Really? She is a dildologist.

Have I told you the story about how my mom sells ****** for a living and people at my church always ask what she does for a living? Yeah.


Sorry Alergic, I am just working on my prudeness =P

gimme me the damn tribal *****!<br />
<br />
How about this, I will give you my pokemon *****, Jack Black ***** set, and my dildoafier (air purifier) for the tribal *****. Give it, give it!<br />
<br />


*brings in USSR ***** super scud launcher, with African American mimic'd ******<br />
<br />
It is on girl!

*takes out ***** launcher and aims at bathroom*<br />
<br />
You give me back the tribal *****, or I will not only strike you with this massive *****, but I will drop ***** gernades too!

*throws tribal ***** at AL*<br />
<br />
Hush, I am trying to watch tv =P

One year, I was trying to get home, and the gay parade happened to be on. An idea struck me. I got out of my car, and pulled out a bag full of ****** and thew them out in the street, and all the people there were fighting for them like it was money, cleared traffic for me and I got home in time. YAY for *****'s!

Funny I've only ever used ****** for...never mind.

Once time, AL and I escaped jail by tying 41 ****** like sheets out the window and repelled down :D *****'s work for many things.

What an odd church this will be.

allergic. you're a GENIUS!

Mizz, we need an enemy or no one will want to be part of the Unseen's work. You see, everyone wants to feel like they are doing the right thing and look down upon those that are doing the wrong thing. You can tell your own followers that they are doing the right thing and we are doing wrong. See?

We will put you in a probation period of 1 week as receptionist. If it doesn't work we will find something more suitable. Your other job will be controlling our doughnut man.

You had me at **** talk <br />
<br />

*likes my job* haha, im an enemy. <br />
you know, it's a tad wierd that i'm apart of this cult..i mean church, and im an owner of my own :)

AL, I always learn new language from you lol.

I haven't got a job for you yet. Have you ever worked as a receptionist? I don't know. I'll work with blu on this one.