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Sexy starts deep within a person and oozes to the outside. An inner sexiness is essential for that outer sexiness.  It is a belief in oneself and knowing that I could rock that man’s world in a single moment and at any time that makes me sexy. It is about looking him deep in the eyes and knowing that he wants me because he can hear that sexy lust in my voice, he can feel the sexiness when he touches my skin, he can smell the sexiness in my scent, and he just knows there is a building dew deep within my thighs. Oops I reverted to first person, but of course I am a sexy chick so this story is really about what makes me sexy. :) Yep I am one of the sexy women of EP.
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From a male perspective, permit me to offer some personal observations. I could not agree more with you that a women's inner confidence exudes sexiness.Nothing like that flirtatious confident aura. Yet, again only from my personal view, when that confident sexiness is laced with a tinge of her vulnerability, that is my kryptonite . Gets me every time. I suspect that vulnerability factor is a primal delicious part of the "chase". You knows? All I know is I love it.

Mmmm it can be wickedly delicious.

Oh for sure. It's the "wickedly" that makes it. lol

(Giggles shyly)

(Smiles broadly)

(Winks and looks away quickly)

(Excited and bewildered)

(Sips sweet tea and waits)

Nervously makes his way toward fungirlmmm)

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Beautiful post.
I would be honored, to get to know you better- I think we chatted a couple of months ago, but apart from the soldier husband, I'm sorry, but my elderly brain can't remember a single thing about you - duh !!
I'm sure we will meet again, but just to inform you, I care for elderly parents, and this takes up so much of my time.
Hope to correspond with you soonly

Mark xx

I look forward to it.

This is the best and only way for a vibrant woman to feel. May you always hold onto this wonderfully sensual demeanor. It is always so pleasant to find and read about positive people.

you sound incredibly sexy would love to see and hear more

I hear you, sexy