hi just a note to say my name is liam alderton and i live at 32 galloway road so if you are are rel vampires and vampiress come to my haome and bite me so that i can become one of the undead i prefear i vampiress to bite me  plus i want to be come one more than ever hiss because drinking blood is so  cool

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tell you what. ..write me a grammatically correct paragraph and then we will talk. ill tell you no anyway. ..but you really should know how to write before EVER requesting such a thing.

ur cute :3 how old are u really hun? 12?

21 years old

I have a very hard time believing that. Unless you are 21 but have the mentallity of a 12 yr old.

this is my true age i never lie bite me

You only wish I would.

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That would be so cool,but I am not. Maybe someday,u will!


That would be so cool,but I am not. Maybe someday,u will!

Cool! I like to play make believess tooo!!!11...but yeah seriously, what is this group about?

you could try typing it in

hey there is an experience for"i drink blood " as well

seriosuly though, you shouldn't post your address on the net publicly, ever. The odds are very much against the person you want resonding being the first to

why don't you tell everyone on the internet the name of your town too? make it easier for us to find you. hey, how about your postal or zip code too? maybe your soc. number too?