How far will he let her fall
before he tells her
there is no rope to catch her?
just the string he used to lead her along.
no hope to wrench her from her descent.
no safety harness to lower her gently down,
just the cold hard frustration to land on at the bottom.
Will he take his time?
Savour every bite of his success?
Lick his lips and ask for just another little taste?
When he feels her fingertips slipping from his,
will his heart feel a little ache,
and mourn the loss of her for a moment?
Or will his eyes already be on the horizon,
Searching for the next exciting peak?
When he looks into her eyes, that last time,
will he see anger, resignation, contempt?
or will she be able to contain it.
and quietly spin off into her depths
letting him see only the quietly amused look she holds so dear?
Hearing only the scream of the wind as it rushes past her ears,
Tumbling downward.
Will she see him mouth the words her head had told her so many times...
"I told you so"
When once she reaches that stoney bottom,
Carefully examines the fissures and jagged edges of her fractured heart
and looks skyward, in defiance or just curiosity,
will he be looking over the edge?
or will he have already left?
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
41-45, F
Aug 23, 2014