One cozy summer night I made my way up downtown
I was feeling alright so it was time to dress ‘em down
Gel’ed up hair, shining boots on, and of course “Diesel” on
I sparked the entire night with endless imagination

Spotted this fine young man with a smile on his face
Took a step or two closer while I was amazed
Speechless I was, but he shook my hand and said “Hi”
Chemistry was incredible, painful to say “Goodbye”

After that night connection continued on building
Made every possible minute my chest exploding
Unaware of myself I fell in to my great weakness
Finally someone will save me from deep loneliness

I faithfully stood back, watched ourselves grow emotionally
Not seeing him can sometimes be mentally exhausting
Oblivious to reality that we both were separate individuals
And that our selves were made realistically unequal

A day or two my phone didn’t ring, he was yet to call
Emailed him, texted him, called him – I did it all
What did I do or didn’t do? Or said or didn’t say?
Told myself “Is this yet another game to play?”

Up until now those moments remained as mystery
Unfounded answers left me nothing but worry
I still wish for one day I’ll get an insight from him
Say unspoken words and offer him everything

What did hurt me the most was being so close
Couldn’t help myself but go on and not pause
I wish I had seen what our paths could have been
It’s too late for it now but memories are worth keepin’

Time went by so fast that it’s summer yet again
Tonight is going to be better than ever…all over again
Those shining stars up in the sky that night are the same
Winked at them and said “Am I up for another game?”

My quest for love will lead on and is becoming stronger
Failings exists only now in my past, they’re to guide me better
I will keep my head up and never give up
Love will come in no time and stars are there to watch.
Sebastian420 Sebastian420
Dec 9, 2012