I'm Only 11 And I Am In Love With The Computer And Getting Fat

Hi, I'm 11 and I love posting on youtube and going on facebook and myspace and club penguin, but the only bad thing about that is that it isnt exersise, i hardly ever go outside! I only participate in gym and that's pretty much all OCCASIONALLY i go outside or go on a trip er something with my friends but mostly im on the computer all day! after i come home from school and finish my homework i go on the computer! I always crave chocolate and i LOVE ice cream. I am 4ft 5 and 80 Ibs but my belly spills over my jeans in the front and soon i will have a muffin top! One week ago I was only 69 Ibs!!!!!! I gained 12 Ibs in ONE week!!!!!! They are really small but I have 3 rolls of fat when i lean forward (a lot of my fat goes to my thighs!) I have trouble buttoning my size 10 jeans
, i CANNOT wear slim or skinny jeans like my friends.Even right now the seams on the sides of my jeans are stretching and look like they're about to rip, they're on the breaking point! My cheeks jiggle a little when i jump. When im hungery i grab a bag of chips or a candybar even though those never make me less hungery, i drink 1% milk. when i get up in the morning i wont get out of bed until a long time and my pancakes or waffles or omlet is cold, wich may mean im lazy. I dont have that many friends, only 9. My lil sister calls me fat. To make it worse i cant go to sleep until REALLY late and then i have to read or go on the computer (agen) or play my DS. I hate and am scared of the ocean bcuz of the time when i was 9 and boogie boarding in my tankenee wen a big wave came and i fell on shore scraping my belly and the wave knocked my board on my head and i couldnt get up til the point of crawling up shore :( (i wasnt fat then) I can barely see the button of my jeans when im sitting down. Is there ANYONE at all that is going through the same thing i am????????? :(

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Im 11 almost 12 my height is 4'11 and 97 pounds-I lost 1 pound!!!

no such thing as too much fat:)

I'm 12 years old and weight 220 pounds. Im find with my weight and you should too.