It's A Difficult Age

I'm only 15 but I'm pretty certain that I'm asexual. When I first realised that it was an accepted thing I was relieved that I wasn't just weird. I've told a few people and most of them just don't have a clue about it (but then neither did I for a long time). The worst is when people think you're just being awkward or attention seeking, there's only been one time when I've felt that somebody else really understood what I was talking about. We were at a restaurant, she's just a few years older than me and I get on really well with her but I don't know her that well.  She was talking about all the famous people she fancied and she kept asking me for my opinion, after a while she got that I wasn't enthusiastic about it at all and we talked some more, she was quite jokey about it but not in an unpleasant was, she just made it really comfortable and easy, then at one point she said :"maybe you're asexual" and I just said:"yes, I am". She was so interested, and the fact that she already knew about it was really encouraging! She asked me loads of questions but I could see that she was just generally curious. I could tell that she just couldn't put herself into my frame of mind but it didn't matter because she accepted me anyway. I was also pleased because my little sister, who doesn't really think it's real, was sitting opposite and I think it made her realise that I'm for real and that asexuality isn't just something I've made up. Anyway, that was just one time and all the others have been fairly dismal experiences. I wish more people were aware of asexuality as they are with gay, lesbian and bisexual attitudes. Nobody ever mentions us!

unwrittenbook unwrittenbook
13-15, F
Feb 9, 2010