I Hope It's the Latter

I love the logo, SeaDragon Always Comes up with nice logos.

I try not to annoy people, I have been annoyed by some! I know the feeling. So if I don't make you laugh, does it really mean I am annoying you?

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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13 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Yes if you r not making me laugh chances are you are annoying me. So quit wining.......love Lucy

@ Sea Dragon: thank you, you are so kind<br />
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@ Captain Haddock: means a lot coming from you!

I agree with the sea dragon


Self conscious about what?<br />
<br />
I doubt seriously you will ever be annoying.

@ seadragon, I love your experiences, thanks for creating them<br />
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@ chris: Now I feel self conscious!! what if I become annoying! thank you, you won't regret it

NO! I won't, because I'll never have to. What I was going to say if you picked a gesture, was that I would put a piece of tape over that one so there was no chance of sending it accidentally.

Hard one!!! I have no idea, can't you just say it?

Which gesture shall I use?

I am going to do my best, not to annoy you! just gesture when you became annoyed and I'll disappear! poof!

At least.... not yet... Ha! Kidding.... ;p

Thanks, it means a lot too me

You're not annoying at all....