Thinking To Be A Pornstar

Hi all, I'm married mother of 2 sons and a daughter... I'm 39 years old... Those days i'm on a very strong need to do p-orn movies... After long discussions with my husband he said:OK, after that I breathed a sigh of relief... I'll do on movies what I can't do with my husband at home: I'll try Anal... I'll do all kinds of the homosexual acts... For my children I think most of the pornstars are married with children, and thats not bad for them. Whats your opinions, votes and tips?

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Wow - good for you!! I hope you get your chance and I hope you tell us all about it!! All my nude best!!

I think if you discussed it with your husband and you think your relationship can handle it. Then go for it. I was just wondering why you feel you can't do those things with your husband?

How did it turn out?

Go for it

I would love to hear more about your deciding to do **** and hear about how it goes when you start. You should also post some pics so we might be able to see and comment there about how much we would like to see you in ****.

I agree if you feel comfortable with your body post some pics. Take the responses with a grain of salt. And then think about some more

just keep it a secret from your children but if you do this there is a chance they will find out Why **** and not swinging?

If we dont guide each other and warn each other for or against good or bad decisions and paths in life.. then how can we ever improve as a society?



You've made up your mind already, so go ahead- you shouldn't look back later at life wishing you'd done this when you had the opportunity & you didn't! You're an adult anyway & adults should take free decisions after careful thinking.

Love to be in **** movie with you - I am a submissive guy and want a dominate girl

tread lightly, stay away from the wild side, drugs , all night parties, remember you have a family. surf the net for other women like yourself and be involved with a group for support. It will be a major strain on marriage, and with your family

yah know thats been one of the things i have always wanted to do.. im 47 now .. still want to do it.. times flying and we are not getting any younger.. good thing sex is timeless lol.. i mean just to say you did it .. if anything else would be an experience........

Yes rime is flying, i know if well to good. I am good looking i am told and friends cannot understand why i have been celibate so long. So hard tom find someone here in north east or here in nj. And times keeps rolling by

I personally wouldn't do it. I'm already leaning against *********** and I don't necessarily like the way it affects my friends and family who do watch it. In the end, it's your decision. I don't have to like it. Sex is different to all people. Some value it, some don't. Some crave it more than others. So I would respect someone's decision participate, as long as people don't look at me and say, "Oh my god, you are so prude for not supporting **** blah blah blah." That's just me.

I am not anyone to tell you why you should or should not do it. My thought is do you know why you want to do it. The thought of sex with a stranger? Is it really things you can't do with your husband? The thought of others watching you and wanting you? I doubt it would be for need of money. Why not try doing a film of you and your husband. Whatever you do I hope you are safe.

I do not think this is advisable.Specially considering the fact that you have children.Their classmates might shame them because their mother is **** star.They might even take up after you and become **** stars themselves.Would you like that?

Hope you followed your dream even a little...

One of the things I kick my butt that I never tried when I had the chance - too old, and time has taken its toll. Hope you give it a try, but are really careful not to get stung

Good for You! I do love this site. I love people feeling safe enough to say what they want to say and do what they want to do. So eat it up Lana9 and best of success!

Yeah im confused why can you not do those things with your husband? actually it's none of my business but if it were my wife or gf i would be pretty pissed the she would take an other man up the *** and not me, actually i wouldn't date a girl that didn't take it up the *** but that's beside the point

i like your beside the point...brutally honest. i respect that lol

I'd love to make a movie with you for sure babe,add me and message me ;)

Very keen where u at lana9 ?

i will buy the first release

don't do it

go for it bet you give a great blow job

If you are comfortable and he is, then do as you please

I have a question, why can't you do all those sexual things at home with your husband, wouldn't that be good practice? As for the children, if they aren't involved in the **** videos I don't think it will harm them

**** stars live a short life, they usually end up with a std

You're gonna be one smoking hot MILF.

Sounds like a good idea. Would you like someone to practice some of these moves with? I'd love to help.

1. I think mbuch wrote it best
2. I didn't see mention of money, maybe you should join a swingers club instead. Most people there are married, you can bring your husband and most people there want to keep it private.
3. I know a couple who started one in Texas if you live in the Austin Area.

39 is a bit old to start in ****.

Lol there's milf, gilf and fetishes involving older women hehe

I always say if you are happy in doing it, and you feel comfortable and you don't have to lie about what you do, go big!!!!!!

It depends. I've had friends in the adult entertainment industry. some of them have lost their children because of it. Your husband might truly be all right with this right now, but if he wants a divorce for some other reason later (like because you are enjoying yourself too much), he as a good chance of getting custody if you're seen as a person of low moral character.
You should also think about your health. There was a scandal recently in the po-n industry about STIs. If you do amateur stuff or work with male actors who also do gay ****, you're increasing your chances of infection.
The po-n industry is also very hard on women. You'll be expected to go out and work as a ******** in order to promote your videos if you are doing anything but amateur work. You may have to get a boob job and other plastic surgery in order to fit the current ideal. And, of course, you'll have to deal with fans who might come up to you while you're with your kids or family, unless you are willing to disguise yourself some way. Most successful **** stars chose to date and marry within the industry or to marry after their careers were over. It's hard to be married to a guy who is not in the industry, especially when those videos of yours start getting viewed by his friends and co-workers, who will probably think you are a **** even though you aren't.

Why can't you do anal at home, or with your husband?

Before you decide, you might want to read Jenna Jamison's autobiography. It's very revealing and shows both the light and dark side of the industry.

Whether we like it or not, we have to deal with how the world sees us. I'm not saying she shouldn't go into ****. But if she's considering it just because her home sex life isn't as fulfilling as she would like, that's not a good enough reason. There is still a very strong stigma attached to being in the sex industry. If a person (particularly a woman) has children younger than college age it can lead to a lot of problems. for instance, does she mind if her kids' friends look at somebody's **** stash during a party and find out she's a star? Does she mind if one of her kid's teachers sees her in a *****? How about her boss, if she still holds on to a day job?

Just like prostitutes are stigmatized worse than the men who go to them, and strippers are seen as bad women but men who go to ***** clubs aren't, women in **** are viewed very differently than people who don't appear in front of the camera, or men who do **** for a living. Even then, most women don't want to date or marry a man who has had sex with hundreds of women. Men might fantasise of dating a **** star, but most of them don't want to bring them home to mother; there's a reason why many **** stars either come from broken homes or become estranged from their families. Does that mean everyone does? No. You can work in the sex industry and not lose your family. But you're not making it easy for them to face judgmental friends, neighbors, and potential life partners either. If you don't mind that and they don't mind that, by all means go for it. Just understand that your choices might affect their options, as well as their access to certain things, and that **** videos don't disappear once they've been released. Your choice will be following you for a very long time, as well as following your husband, children, parents and other relatives and friends. Unless you plan to get a whole new life, I would suggest that you find some other form of sexual self expression, like going to on-premises swing clubs. But don't take my word for it. There's an annual **** convention in Las Vegas every year. If you are that determined, you might want to attend the next one and ask some of the women how they navigate having a private life while working in ****. Asking a bunch of strangers whose lives have never involved being in the sex industry is not the smartest move. It's like asking people who are scared of spiders what it's like being an archeologist, or asking someone who's afraid of fire what it's like to be a smoke jumper.

You see some of those **** women you are crazy they don't need boob jobs she looks gorgeous she does not need plastic surgery you're crazier than hell

By the way lana9, you definitely have the looks!! You are a doll!

go for it, your intentions seem pure, help family, satisfy self, save marriage, have fun, make money. Are you lesbian, because that may be the can of worms you dont want opened in challenge of your family, it may be the water spout you prefer to leave closed lana9, I am single so I will play how I choose, however; there are many more variables involved in your situation, other than yourself. My mother used to say "not all that seems good, is good." or "not all money is good money". You seem to want to explore and do it right, get ****** anyway you want, and get paid, and there is nothing wrong with that, just be careful that you do not walk into a den of vipers, and take your family with you. Good luck let me know how it goes.

I am amazed by all the closed minded people on this forum! Whether you believe that lana9 is just playing you or not...take a moment and think why would anyone consider doing as she writes? Could it be that she needs to acted out some repressed emotion or need. Consider that you don't know what her childhood like! I believe that if she has something driving her need then she should discover what that is! If performing in this way connects her to herself, reveals something then as silly as it might sound i think it may have some personal value.

I think you wrote this before I showed up. However, I'll address it.

Not only do I know people who have been (and still are) in the sex industry, I've actually worked indirectly in the sex industry myself. And I can tell you, from the little I've seen, there's a big difference between dreaming of being a ballerina in a pretty pink tutu while twirling around on a stage, and taking dance classes starting at the age of five, enduring broken toes, losing weight to the point of not having a period, and never being able to eat a full meal for fear of getting cut from a corps de ballet. The sex industry is the same way. People see **** stars on screen and thinks it's cool. What they don't see is the hours of waiting around, the boredom, the drug use, dealing with idiotic fans who think you put out to everybody, the boob jobs to get more work, getting your ****hole bleached and your nether lips tightened because that's the latest thing, doing the same scene over and over again, making appearances at ***** clubs and being on the road, not seeing your kids for days on end (that is, if you get famous), trying to explain to your kids what Mommy does for a living, aging out in a short time because the average career in **** for women is five years or less, and dealing with your cover being blown.

I have a friend who used to shoot the stills for **** films when the industry was on the East Coast. That was in the 70s. She still works as a photographer and is quite good; plus she still does erotic photography along with gigs with some famous tv shows. However, she's lost work over the years from being associated with ****, and her face never appeared anywhere. A former friend was a prominent professional dominatrix. She came to the US with nothing and ended up putting herself through college on work, and buying a house. She put her kid into a great private school too. But when I last saw her she was terrified that someone would find out about her career. She got married to a former client and then ended up getting divorced, because he didn't want her to work at the profession that had provided them with a home. Se could have made more money if she did fetish films, but she was afraid someone might see them and send copies to her family in Latin America; they thought she just ran a photographic studio.
Neither of these women were doing anything illegal. They weren't even having sex with strangers. Yet they still had to live with being associated with the sex industry.

It may be just me but my bullshit detector just went off


I say go for it, video it first so you can see what you like and how you perform on camera.Good luck

That is really good advice

Dear Iana9,
I really admire you. Although we haven't filmed our actions my wife also thought to make a film. My wife Mamtha also like to become a **** star. I vote for you

You should do some research... look on YouTube for "dead **** stars"... it's not a glamorous lifestyle... give up the thought.

Are you doing that for fun or as a job. if it's for fun, you can do so without filming it. so nothing is distributed in case u change your mined. but if it is a job, that is something else.<br />
though I 'd love to see you in a **** movie, think it over.

protection, protection, protection... bite the pillow I'm going in dry.

You might try making a few video's at a friends house and see if it feels right to you. If so, then contact those in the industry. Any label on a po'rn video will get you a contact address. See if you like their films first before contacting them.

I say go for it.

i can make your films... :)

Honestly? I think i would be horrified if i saw my mother online getting used by some other guy(s). Think about what other kids will say to your children if they find out? If your doing this to get things your husband cant give you then you don't need to advertise it all over the world. Meet people. Get your brains ****** out. Pee on them? Get weird and crazy so that way if they freak out you can still go home to a loving family who will have no idea what you did. Just my opinion.

Add me love to see your solo playing **** debut

won't your husband get jealous that you will do things on camera that you won't do with him? or is it more that he doesn't want to do things you would like to and this will be a way to get that release?

Having no firsthand, or even secondhand, knowledge; I would think that two of the biggest downsides to doing **** would be that (a) sex would become boring if it was your job and (b) you don't get to choose your partner(s).

I understand your need. Let's get that out of the way first. Now keep in mind the negative impact this is going to have on your friends and family. This stuff will be posted somewhere and someone who knows you is going to show it to someone else until that someone else is your Mom or your daughter. Then your going to have some splainin' to do. We already know you have your husbands ok with it, so why not look into some private clubs where you can scratch that itch and not worry about it.

why the need to do ****...what brought to you to that idea or does ur husband feel about it..or even ur might fun at the beginning but have u thought about the down fall on ur kids what they may hear or be told---if this is going to be ur choice be sure u look at evey aspect of ur life and how it will imapct it..i dont want to sound prude or take ur gusto out...i believe one should do what they feel like doing as long it does not hurt anyone in the process.good luck in decision...

i think that it is and amazing idea,**** is an art and needs to be done right, there are many pornstars that have gotten in a rut cause they think they will just get paid for spreading their legs... its the ones that do all of this because they want to that really make the good stuff!

Count me in, i want Gay *****

if you value your children then don't do it. if you think doing **** is more important than your family then you should see a counselor.

If you're serious about being a pornstar contact me @

Honestly, if my took the steps to actually do ****, that would be the end of our relationship. 1. NO way I could allow and see my wife with other (many) men. 2. I would never respect her as my wife. 3. I would not want her to be the mother of my kids. For these reasons, no way possible under the sun could I stay with or consider marrying a woman who does ****. It's degrading for her, for me as her husband, and to the children. And he is stupid for agreeing!

You need to start slow maybe find A male friend to help you with anal sex before you try it in video and other sexually stuff you haven't done before you try this. I can lend A hand on doing the sex practice before you do it before the camera lol.Please write A story if you finally do the **** work love to read it.

i think at your age ,you will need an edge ,so unless you are only after occasional work ,such as MILF **** ,then you with have to have that edge and cater to a niche market .you could be a **** star who lactates for example .i think that would be your best option.Andy.

Even I want to try that...want to make a profession in to lick and eat beautiful chicks feet and try anal with them and different positions..

Ive made movies and Ive earned a lot of cash doing so. My wife thought it would be ok after months of begging. At first I thought it was great, free ***** and Hot ***** at that, but then it all started to go wrong for my relationship with my wife, she quickly went off the idea and became very jelouse, and in a way guess she was right, we eventually split up and I carried on sleeping around, both on and off the screen, sure I get women when ever I want but its not the same, I loved my wife and just didnt think I'd ever loose her, now I get to see my kids when she lets me of she wants to go away for the weekend with her new Boyfriend !!!!!!! Its not a good life I lead now believe me.<br />
Before you go down this path, think first. Itsa hard life for the women in tis buisness, you are used and abused, it might be just what you think you could do with right now but believe me it soon becomes just another Job. Not all women make it so if its just sex your looking for, go out get picked up and have some random guy **** your brains out a few times, your husband never needs to iknow. And if you still love him you get to keep your happy home. My guess is that you probably take what you have for granted.....think have a lot to loose.

i will help youll make a movie and would like to meat more people like youll

Don;t assume because you are attractive that it you will be welcomed with open arms. The **** industry is very selective of who they hire. Most females begin their careers as a "Fluffer" then progress to "acting". You will need to join SAG unless you work for an underground film group. As you are probably already know must be open (excuse pun) a very wide variety of sexual variations that include lesbian, anal and ingesting *****. There is no ********** in this countries adult film industry because the laws forbid it. Mail me for more info

Why don't you/your hubby do webcam.You'll get paid well and you can block up to five country,city or states from viewing you(To protect your identities).All ethnicities,ages and shapes can do it and you'll be able to just have sex with your hubby and not worry about diseases and your kids growing up and seeing a film that you made.If interested,here's the

myself i think you should do what ever it is you want to do but ,maybe you & your hubby should buy you 2 a camcorder & make a lil one yalls self :) that way if it sounds & looks like something you really might be into ?? then hey good for it ,its your body& your over 18

Go for it girl, you are very lucky to have such an understanding husband.<br />
It is a great way to get paid for having sex and it's legal.

Don't do it. You is for your husband and your husband is for you. For you to go into **** illustrates a missing piece in your life. Find the missing piece, then reconsider ****. Chances are, it won't even interest you anymore.

i say think about your kids...they are going to grow up and then they'll know just what it is you could just hurt them...and you wouldn't want your kids to do the same thing would you. i don't have kids but i've grown up, and have taken care of kids my whole life (nieces and nephews)...working in daycares. and your husband says he's ok with it? not good in the long run i think. just my opinion

Why not try all that with your man first then let him bring in some freinds. But I love married women that does **** it so sexy to me. Good luck

Why can't you have anal sex with your husband?

We have played on cam many times.. it is always a blast...

We have played on cam many times.. it is always a blast...

All the best

I think you should not go for this.......<br />
<br />
Reason:<br />
1. You are living very good family life.<br />
2. Sex is not as important that you are going to take such a big step...<br />
<br />
I am surprise that how your husband allowed you.......can he see you with other mans recorded ????<br />
<br />
Don't do this mistake......Sex is not everything.......

I think you should not go for this.......<br />
<br />
Reason:<br />
1. You are living very good family life.<br />
2. Sex is not as important that you are going to take such a big step...<br />
<br />
I am surprise that how your husband allowed you.......can he see you with other mans recorded ????<br />
<br />
Don't do this mistake......Sex is not everything.......

try some web cam site first, then a swingers club then a **** hiring site usually on craiglist, enjoy yourself and let us know how this chapter in your life goes,

please be careful around them

My wife and I both have sites on Southern Charms, and they are a good way to make some extra money. Maybe you should look at that kind of option first.

man's got a point ,good idea ,never can tell

You and your husband seem like very reasonable people and I can identify with your desires whole-heartedly. Not sure how old your kids are but they should be a biger factor in this equation. Yeah there are **** stars who have kids and everybody delas with it... doesn't mean they're emotionally healthy and it's easier to deal if Mom is Jenna Jameson and pulling in millions. For the thousands of girls who have done **** and never made more than $10,???-$20,000 and ahve to live with the evidence forever... there might be a better way to satisfy your desires.<br />
<br />
If all you want is new experiences, captured on film or otherwise, you and your husbnd could try swinging/hotwifing/sharing through any number of outlets such as swinger's clubs, Adult Friend Finder, Wifelovers, Craigslist, or the bar scene. If you get off on masses of men ******* off to your **** flicks, you could post semi-anonylous (deniable to kids, family, and neighbors) on any number of amatuer websites such as Voyeurweb with plenty of online reaction and interaction. If you get off on getting paid to ****, a well-placed ad at any of the above outlets may net you a private collector looking for women to star in films for his private collection. Each of these also come with their own risks, but if screened carefully could allow you the same thrills without the mass exposure that may kill your relationship with your kids.

I would look at these possibilities first? Sounds like great advice? Never having tried any of this stuff, have no actual knowledgable advice to give so listen to some of these people who jnow firsthand what they are talking about...and good luck! F*** up a storm!

will you be able to **** with huge dog?

she said a pronstar bidyut not a dog ****** :( lol

If its what you want by all means go for it. How are you going to do things that you have never done with your husband on film? If you need any pre female help, just say the word. Post your story if it pans out. Would love to watch.

What an interesting idea. Do you have any experience in. XM sex or in sex videos? I suggest you try it on a small scale first to make sure you & your husband enjoy it as much as you think you will. That way, any regrets can be contained to a few folks and maybe low key internet exposure before you are splashed everywhere. I agree with the other posters that you certainly are pretty and I would love to see you in action.