My Mind Is Like A Sponge.

I didn't want to join this group at first, because, usually, people who say they're open minded, aren't. Because there's usually a "but..." following that statement.
"I really am open to this... but...". Shove it. You are open and there's no "but" or you aren't and you shut up. Or you start a one-person-picketing streak.
Me, I'm a person who never says "that's impossible". Which makes people think I'm naïve as they think I believe everything they tell me. Which in fact I do, but not because I'm a fool, but because you can never rule out the possibility of it being true... Remember that they used to say no stones could fall from the sky because there's no stones up there. Yeah, right...
As far as people go, I don't really like people's social behavior. Or that of the 'masses'. There's no more thinking involved. It's a herd which is being steered by rules, made up by people who only seek to gain a profit from us...
Individually, I give everybody the advantage of the doubt. Even myself :D
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2011

You are absolutely right about the herd mentality.They are conformist too.I rather stay out and look in to them.Blessings and Peace

"There's usually a 'but'" - tell me about it! What you said makes a ton of sense to me, and I'm glad you never say 'that's impossible', heck knows too many people do that and just shuffle on in their lives, unhappy, because they closed their minds and said 'That's impossible' to what they really wanted.