My Mental Prison


( it is just my mental hell)

Before I was married, I would look and read about different religious phylosophies. But I feel in love and married a devout christian.
A friend on EP brought up this quote by the Dalai Lama, it was on friendship. I forgot the quote, but it sparked back my interest in phylosophies.
Over the years, when I would bring up a diferent phylosophy, she would always give a distasteful reply. So for the sake of marriage I would drop it. When we go to book stores, I am allways drawn to this section of books ( I also like fiction). The other day, in a store the Dalai Lama, and a Zen book caught my eye. But OW NO I donnt want to burn in hell , or Lord no donnt even touch that Koran ( I would like to read that just to see whats in it).
In the morning before she wakes up, I can browse freely the internet, for a little while.
EP does allow my mind to be free.
I do value a free mind.
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Your wife is being extremely controlling and judgemental..and no offense..but do yourself a favor...take a stand..and go back to that book store..and buy whatever book you want..if your wife doesn't like it..that is her problem.<br />
<br />
.it is not as if you are reading some explicit ..x-rated novel..your simply reading about different spiritual paths of life..there is nothing wrong or sinful about that..and have a right to be able to do are commiting no sin..<br />
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You are and have been very respecting of your wife's ..beliefs..and tollerant to her is time that she return that consideration...

Don't forget, you married your wife, and that makes you want to respect her and her values, but she also married YOU, and should respect your thoughts and values too. Please don't sacrifice yourself just to try and keep her happy. I did that with my first marriage and everything completely fell apart. Believe it or not, at the end, when I was fed up and started being completely honest, our relationship actually improved. Stand strong to your beliefs, tell her you expect the same respect for your beliefs that you have shown for hers and if she won't accept that, know that the problem is with HER and not with you.

thank you that is wise

I feel for you believe me. <br />
I don't understand why Christians are afraid to explore other religions out there yet they feel the need to force their religion upon others. Not all Christians do mind you but it just is kind of frustrating. I tend to say very early on that I'm a non-believer of Christianity and I like reading about other philosophies and religions. Usually that's enough to drive the hardcore Christians away.

I do have christian friends, who are open to learn of other cultures, and religions, and whoses veiws and comments I do value hearing from. I am not bashing christians, I have read the bible and love it. The problem is I am married to a closed minded person in this area, therfore in this part of my life, I am unconfortable.

Good post :) I totally understand what you're going through, not with my own husband but with people around me in general. I love studying other cultures and their philosophies and religions to open my mind more and get a better perspective on the world but some people really have it in their minds that just the act of studying or reading or discussing something that doesn't fit with their own beliefs means that you have converted to it or are trying to convert them to it. It's sad that anyone would be made to feel ashamed for wanting to learn and grow.

Peace thank you
your words are my thoughts exactly