Narrow Minded People Need Help

I am willing to listen to or chatt about anything,,I learn something new each day,,when you stop learning your mind becomes dull,,,and you become dull with no room for adventure and excitment, There are some things that don't really interest me,but it don't stop me from learning about them.It's a good thing all people are different,would be a very boreing life ,if all were the same,,,,being open minded can bring you much pleasure,and fun,,the race, age or faith of a person should not matter if they have something to say,,,,and learn new and exciting things from them,,,
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Again commendable

thanks again


I come from a family with the most closed minds, I have suffered their judgement on my openmind for such a long time.. <br />
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I am quite intellectual, but I am also in great balance with my spirit and sexuality, and I believe we all have something to learn from each other, either good or bad. I have noticed closed minded people believe there is nothing anyone else can teach them.. that lack of respect towards humanity around them can only lead to feeling superb.. I've found myself arguing with them in the past only to realize it's only a waste of time, they cannot see further from their own nose, and time is too precious to be spend educating an arrogant selfrighteous being. Live and let die ;)

Smiles :)

You are correct, that is what I would call racism....I have no place for such as that.....Nicely stated

Very well said!! Being open always brings new advenetures!!