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So far in my life I have had to put my my true love on hold, to go down a different path. which turned out to be an education in relationships.

-I went into the military. soon found out that my back didn't like it at all. but I wished to be a military wife.

-I got married to a guy that had a child already, which in turn never loved me & only wanted a live in nanny,& sex toy,etc. I found out later that I was also only his rebound. this actually lasted for alittle over 4yrs.

-During the last year of that marriage I did have my own child. who ended up being my true love.

-That marriage ended for the sake of my sanity & both (my child & I) of our safety.(my child was 1 1/2 yr old)

-It was just my child & me until after my child was 4 yrs old. (I became a preschool teacher)

-I was introduced to my next husband, who suprised me by going into the military. so we decided to get married earlier than planned.

-2 weeks after getting married he went off to basic training. which in turn I had to leave my job cause we couldn't afford both rent & child care. so I turned into a Domestic Engineer

-after graduation from basic he came home before he was to report to his 1st station. he was only home for about 3 weeks.

-husband went to his 1st station, we followed him 1 month later to live on post, & then he got deployed 2 weeks later.

-Husband's R&R was 6 months later. it was only for 15 days. that was our worst 15 days in our whole relationship. we were both glad for him to go back.

-46 days after husband went back I found out why his R&R was so bad. there is evidence of an alternative lifestyle ( closet-Bi) so I am now faced with the inevitable, but I do know that I can't still be married to him. but I really can't do anything about it while he is deployed.

-My love that I had to leave behind almost 10 years ago, called me out of the blue, only a few months ago. He is only my Best Friend right now. since it has been a very long time since we last communicated. He is a daddy now to an almost 2 yr old. the timing is really almost... wow!!!!

- my child is soon to be 5 yrs old. so the sooner the better to find a different area so I can get my child ready for kindergarden.

-I am now trying to find my strength & passion that I can make into a income to do at home until my child is in school full time (1st grade).so for at least the next 2 1/2 years.


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Really, I do not mean to offend you, i any way, and maybe I just misunderstand. But what is wrong about being bisexual? Especially when one posts in an "Open-minded" group. Again, I just do not understand and I would like to. So, maybe you are still around, to answer. <br />
Thanks<br />

lol thanks. & who said that im not :-) I found out that friends,pets,& child help alot.

Wow, I felt stressed just reading that! <br />
I would have gone nuts!